Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top Secret!

Thanks for all your kind words about my pillows and drapes designs and many of you have asked (1) how to fix patterns and colors together, (2) how long did it take me to compile a cohesive selection of fabrics, and the most important question of all (3) did you sew all the pillows and drapes?

Well here is my "Tim Tells All" moment!

I do want to start off by saying I love fabrics.  Here are my recent crushes:

Since I'm mostly drawn to neutrals for walls and other fix elements in the room, fabric is where I inject color, patterns, and textures.  The searching and mixing of solids and patterns provide me with satisfaction and the gratification of being able to visualize how the end products would look like ... well as the commercial says: priceless!

Big credit to Ms. Sarah Richardson for showing us how to combine fabrics and how they make the rooms (as she often used fabric as the jumping off point of the entire room) with her hit TV series.  I've learned a lot from watching her shows and have been inspired tremendously in my approach toward fabrics.

Ok, to get back to your question, I often just go to fabric stores (i.e. Designer Fabrics and InVu or go online at Tonic Living) to browse, check out new fabrics, and treasure hunt in the remnant section.  Just like collecting furniture, if you truly like the piece, you know there will be a place for it one day.  The same theory goes for fabrics.  I often don't know what I will use the fabric for at the time, but would get a couple of yards (should be enough to make a pillow or two).  And then you just have to wait to be inspired.  When the moment comes, one of the many pieces of fabrics you collected will hit you, either playing the key or supporting role in your new collection, your fabrics will shine!

I find myself heading back to neutrals and relying more heavily on textures and subtle patterns for interest, here are a few I picked up from InVu:

Lets have a closer look at them:

The soft grey geometric pattern in cotton is a well-price item for big impact and this little number with a nice embroidery in the flower buds for $69 a yard is certainly only going to be a pillow for me.

While this linen floral is not going to offend the husbands (or boyfriends), this white + taupe polka dot is certainly kids friendly.

Designer Fabrics:

This woven cotton is rich in texture while the paisley adds warmth with pattern.

This tone on tone circle motif in charcoal grey and the luxurious silk velvet also caught my attention.

Here is the best part, these fabrics I found at the remnant section of Designer Fabrics are on average $7.99 a yard!!

Now how long does it take me to compile a collection of fabrics?  It usually doesn't take me that long, since I probably have a few pieces in co-ordinating colors waiting to serve.  So once I've decided on a color scheme, a couple of trips to Designer Fabrics or In Vu typically do the trick.

And for the million dollar question, NO I don't know how to sew!  Although everyone has been telling me I should.  I will learn how to sew one day, I promise you all .. . and you will all read about it here!  But in the meantime, all of my ideas will be turned into a reality by Wesley Seto Design.


  1. OH Tim.... Love, love, love the new colour story in the grays!! Do I see a transition soon? They are still as fun as your usual colour schemes, but have an added feel of elegance, modernity,and are yes, more easy for the gentlemen to live with. ;)

  2. Thanks Scott! Yes, I'm more leaning towards lighter colors and fabrics with more textures. They are still fun and full of impact . . .just not with their intense, bold color!

    will likely be for fall/winter 2011. ... . good tie in with my tree color this year.