Monday, March 28, 2011

Store Alert: Hollace Cluny

The first time I came across Hollace Cluny was when I was obsessed about a tea pot, cream and sugar, and pitcher set from my favourite pottery design Eva Zeisel.  I have collected an original plate set in the Fantasy series from the 50s (from eBay) but for the pitch set, Hollace Cluny is the distributor in Toronto.

Here is a beauty shot of the gorgeous tea pot by Scott.

Then I discovered Hollace Cluny also was the exclusive distributor for Sarah's indoor furniture line.  You all know how much I love her work and it was my dream to own a few pieces of her furniture one day.  Well, that day was March 12!!  It was actually quite an experience and here is the scoop:

It wasn't an ordinary Saturday for me already, as it was the day Apartment Therapy came for a House Tour (you will hear more about it later on).  So I was just checking my blog after the photo shoot before heading to the gym and there it was, a coded message from Trio telling me "SR's Dining Chairs were on sale for $50 each at HC"!!  Trio was so thoughtful in "coding" the message in case if I didn't get to itin time and someone else might have read it and snapped up the chairs.  Thanks Trio!

Anyway, so I called "HC" immediately and they told me the Cole, Nik, and Matthew were still available and my response was "Yes, I want all three of them!"  The store owner politely told me these chairs were non-refundable and then I said "I will probably have them redone one day and you can't go wrong for $50 a chair!".  A couple of weeks later, these three chairs are now sitting in my very own storage locker, a.k.a. Dad's Home.

While I was at Hollace Cluny to pick up my chairs, I also looked around for other great deals.  Here are a few of them:

MR chairs by Mies van der Rohe for $1,760 (15% off) and  Lounge Chair by Warren Platner for $3,282 (30% off).

Great selection of bedding from Dwell Studio for 50% off... did I not mention how much I love this Polka Dot sheet set?

Decorative throw pillows and 5' x 8' stripes rugs in Tomato Red, Mocha Brown, and Ink Black are also 50% off.

Love these playful plates and bowls in classic white and indigo blue: well-priced at under $10 a piece.

If bird is not your thing, how about these fun ones?

And of course for a store full of gorgeous pieces, there are things that I have added to my wish list.  I love this over-scale pendant and these incredible wallpapers:

Lets have a closer look at the wallpapers:

I love that these wallpapers are simple, delicate, elegant, and yet full of character!  They are on my wish list as they also range from $350 to $500 per square meter.  Maybe I will "hack" them as DIYs one day.

Two items I almost took home during my visit:

This "Natalie" king size headboard from SR's collection was only $900 and this chic Brooks Brothers Print for $1,050 (35% off).  I have no room for another king size headboard and really, have no wall space for another piece of art (don't believe me, watch it here).

So next time when you are in the area, go check out Hollace Cluny for inspiration or the deals of the century may just be waiting for you!

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