Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Trip: King East

It was totally unplanned but I was at the St. Lawrenece Market area for brunch yesterday and finally got my chance to go check out the Sunday Market!  These are the door crashers on March 20th:

I liked this solid unit with original hardware and really appreciated how this vendor also offerred us a vignette on the street.

Thought this bowl was playful and look at this Asian inspired bird feeder!! Now that you don't see everyday!

I debated for awhile whether I should pick up this horse wind vane or not: thought I would frame it up as art.  After some deliberation, I decided not to and wait for a better piece to come.  And now how fun is that to go bowling with your own bowling ball and shoes in a bag!

So obviously I got side tracked... back to brunch, we went to Hank's

We were greeted by this big sign and a wall of cork screws: love the edgy approach in decor and wonder what's to come next!

The interior was calm, inviting, and also a touch of glam with the silver mirrored pendants.

I adored this fun elephant tea cup/pot set (waitress said it's from the St. Lawrence Market) and the unusual looking "Dutch" pancake.  Is this really how they make pancakes in Europe?

Featured art work in Hank's.  Like the contrast of colors in these images.

We decided to walk around a little after brunch ... and where did we go? Montauk!

I've always liked their pieces.  Oh so comfortable, stylish and edgy!

We also checked out Anthemion Gallery:

I have been looking for a little table for my front entrance and thought this could be fun with some TLC.  I particularly liked the metal rim and the greyish marble top.

This is a little too elaborate for me but I do appreciate the wood inlays at the top.

A chair for the Princess: can this be it for the girl's bedroom makeover?

and how about these?

These maybe a bit too serious afterall .. the search for a fun and comfortable chair continues.

To wrap up our walk, we stopped at Petite Thuet for some fresh pastries and that was when I discovered they also have desserts and gourmet pizzas!  Make sure you check it out next time when you are in the neighbourhood.


  1. yes it was a fab sunday! Thanks for visiting my hood, Tim! :)

  2. Holy smokes, some great finds! I would add that the best stuff goes early at the St. Lawrence Antiques Market -- if you're serious about scoring, go before 9 am, 8 am is even better.