Friday, March 11, 2011


I was at CBC yesterday as an audience for the Steven and Chris Show because my condo is featured on their show! My segment will be aired on March 17th!  Obviously this is all very exciting for me and since it all happened so fast, I had rely on some increditabily talented local resources to prepare the place for the camera crew.

Since the segment will be aired in mid March, I decided to dress my place like Spring.  Inspired by all the Honeysuckle madness and believe it or not, I have had this hot pink polka dot fabrics for two years and not sure when I will be brave enough to use it.   Well, Spring 2011 is when this fabric takes central stage! 

First off: Plans for Pillows and Drapes

I've received emails about how I design my pillows, so here is my pillow and drapes plan for this mini makeover.

All the drapes and pillows were professionally sewn by Wesley Seto Design.  Thanks Wes for turning the order around in such quick time frame!! 

Off next: Art work

I've always liked the photography from Scott Young and had collected a couple of pieces from his Urban Texture series.  I'm also in love with his latest work: kaleidoscape.  Will share with you all the interview I did with Scott later on (can't wait to show you his beautifully decorated apartment) but for now, lets check out some of the pieces that caught my eyes:

Love the richess in these images.  It's amazing how Scott captures these images from both nature and man made items, plays with colors, patterns, and textures, and turns them into such captivating artwork.

For those of you who have been following me for awhile may notice I tend to like textiles and images that are a bit softer.  Look at these new photos from Scott!! He'd totally nailed me with this series.  I'm now debating which one of these two mellow yellow images to go into my bathroom.

Ok, here is a sneak peek of the wonderful gallery wall in Scott's studio showcasing some of his work.  More to come in a later entry.

Last Stop: Flowers

Who's kidding who, I love flowers.  I love how flowers bring such happiness and  injet life to a space, especially in condo living.  I've always loved to create my own flower arrangement and my favourite  flower shops are located at Avenue and Davenport.  Between the four stores, your options  are endless and you're really only limited by your imagination and well, the pocket book.

This time for the filming at my condo, I decided to ask Alison from Coriandergirl to put together three arrangements for me and "wow" was what I got ... from both her shop and her creations!  Here is a warm welcome I received:

Love the window display and this little blackboard.  Some may find it a little old-school.  To me, it certainly adds to charm and cozyness to the store!

Love the rustic work bench and the painted table with drop leaves as island.  Lets have a look at some of the products available in the store:

These off-white charming porceline vases in matte finish would work in any space and handmade felt flowers need not only for the ladies: how about using them as ornaments on your tree this Christmas? 

Alison also carries handmade cards from local artists including Erin Candela, as well as other organic products in her store.

I've always loved Alison's shop.  It's serene, cozy, and very inviting.  The same qualities were transpired into her arrangement as well.  Here is what her assistant Kerri created for me:

I love how Kerri transformed everyday simple flowers into such elegant and delicate arrangements.  Here are a couple more I saw in the store:

Be sure you go check out Coriander Girl next time when you're in the Parkdale area! Or follow Alison's blog for her adventure!


  1. Interesting, I didn't realize that you had to stage it

  2. Thanks so much Tim for the plug!! Those flowers arrangements are amazing! Love the one in the silver bucket... :)

  3. Great post! Your place looks amazing. Thank you for posting your pillow order. This helps those of us not in the know out a lot!! Do you usually stay with 18 x 18 for you sofa? I noticed that Wesley did the sewing for the last Sarah 101 as well. Is he a home tailor for the most part? He is very talented.

    Thanks for introducing us to Scott Young as well. Love the yellow prints.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Love the colour you infused into your place!

  5. Tim,

    I thought of you when I was walking on Yonge Street today. Your last post on deals and your love for everything Sarah brought you to mind. There is a store on Yonge Street who had samples of her dining chairs.They no longer carry her line so they are blowing them out for $50.00. Oh my, can you even buy an ikea chair for that? Yes, they are a little shop worn but nothing that a trip to DFO and a good upholstery shop can't handle. I don't want to add to your father's basement but if you are in need of one new upholstered dining chair for a desk or something then this is a steal. Give HC a call if you are interested as there were only a few left.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments! yes, keep them coming. I love to hear from you.

    @clyde: yes I did do some new stuff.. will probably do anyway but for the filming, I did it a little earlier than I normally would.

    @ trio: I LOVE you!! you are not going to believe it... so I got your message at around 3pm.. devastated that I didn't get your email earlier. .. . but I'm stuck at another photoshoot at my place. So I called HC and asked which one they still have left and are you ready for this?

    I got the Nik, Cole, and Matthew Dining Chair! $50 each! I wished I had known it earlier and I would have picked up the Matthew or Stephanie arm chairs!! oh well, at least i got three and will see what i'm going to do with them!

    @ Connie, thanks for stopping by. My next adventure maybe going back to all neutral but full in texture. check out my next entry for a sneak peek of my fabric direction.

  7. Yeah! I am so happy for you. I tried to find your email address on your blog so I could let you know directly. I thought that they might go fast. Couldn't find it so I posted here hoping you would read it. If it makes you feel better, they never had the arm chairs according to the owner. To really make your day, you should know that the original cost per chair was $540.00 w/o fabric. I picked up two of the chairs as well today (one Matthew low and one Stephanie). I needed a desk chair for my bedroom and picked up one for my daughter's room that I am in the process of re-doing. I have no clue what to do with them fabric wise but I may be picking your brain for help! When you find your upholstery shop please let me know. Do you think that Silva would re-upholster them? I think that you need a trade account though. We should exchange email addresses.
    I think that they also had two Natalie Headboards - King size. $900.00. I didn't confirm that they were SR but they sure looked like it.
    Happy Saturday!

  8. Oh trio.. .. i'm so happy for you too! wow, so they go for $540 each + fabric. I think I can get them refinished (don't know about the condition of the wood legs) and get it reupholstered, for probably around $300. So for $350 a piece + fabric, we saved $200 per chair!

    I do have an upholstery guy I go to, so let me know if you need help on that department. Maybe we can go to DFO together as well to check out fabric options. I don't know what I'm doing with the chairs yet. ... but I would certain go look for fabrics, I will have to do that for my new $65 sofa anyway.

    Trio, go to and go to the contact page. You can send me an email there securely and I will email you back!

    I think I like her new "scallop" shaped headboard more. For the natalie headboard, I can probably make one similar for the fabric I want at around the same price. In fact, I think that was how much I paid for my custom headboard a couple of years back.