Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pottery Barn - Spring Edition

Spring is here!!  Maybe it's still a little cold but it's certain sunny and hope Winter just had it last laugh with its 10 cm of snow last week.  Well there still be snow on the the ground but inside Pottery Barn, Spring has certainly arrived!

Better yet, most of the Spring items are already on sale!!  Have a look at what I've found and head over to your closest Pottery Barn location!

"Mother Nature" gave me a big hug the moment I walked into the store: the flowers, the branches, and lanterns, they all screamed Spring and I loved them!

I love flower market (had so much fun in Germany last year) and can't wait to visit the one in NYC.  Too bad Toronto doesn't really have a flower market and for that, PB decided to bring us one "in-door":

And of course Easter is around the corner and this is Easter 2011 in Pottery Barn:

I can never get tired of robbin's egg blue and soft pale greens and yellows... and probably these cute chicks, bunnies, and of course the spring potted flowers too.

You may think hey. .. what are those silver globes doing there for Easter?? I personally think why limit the use of mercury globes for Christmas only when they can double as chic modern Easter eggs!

New collection of furniture is also in store now and some of them are at special promotional prices.  I particularly like the "nature" appeal to their upholstery fabrics.  Check them out:

I really like this refreshing pasley in coral and this raw iron ladder inspired side table.  Love these hand-printed/glazed pots, totally reminded me of the great find Lindsay featured on her blog.

Now here are some really great finds:

These causal 8' x 10' rugs in stripes are from $189 to $239 and these soft wool 5' x 8' rugs are $399.

Love the patterned lamp shade at $39 and these outdoor tin jars are up to 60% off.

This candle lit wire chandelier is at an unbelievable price of $87 ... I know I didn't include a hanging chandelier in my garden plan for the "Bloggers Give Back" project, but I totally love this beauty!

and here is the one I almost walked out of the store with ... well with a truck:

This handsome vanity is marked down from $2,750 to $1,650.  You can't see it here but it actually comes with a carrara top!! So it totally had my name all over it ... but Scott and Bill talked me out of it by simply asking the question: where are you going to put it Tim?


  1. You could have at least let me fluff the pillows before you took the shots... :)

    Speaking of pillows I just switched all my pillows over to spring....natural linens, burlap, and ticking stripes...all courtesy of Pottery Barn, but don't tell Bill.

    Yes, that iron chandelier would look great in the garden!

  2. That bathroom cabinet is fantastic. It would fit perfectly in my ensuite. Now only if we were re-doing the master. Thanks for all of the great finds.

  3. Tim, I've never been allowed to shoot in PB -- company wide policy apparently -- and consequently I never blog about them. Is it because you know people in high places?

  4. I never knew they don't allow for photo taking. Though I used my phone only. Maybe they didn't realize I was taking pictures.