Thursday, March 31, 2011

Midpoint Recap: Bedroom in Transition

The tranformation at the Girl's Bedroom project is well underway and thought I would share with you our progress in this bedroom.

Remember how this bedroom used to look like?  Lets go back in time and this was the room a month ago:

After stripping the wallpapers, washing down the glues, filling out the cracks and holes in the walls, and repainting all trims and moldings, here is how the room looks like now:

The room looks so fresh, young, and playful: totally perfect for our young client. 

Since we've now fixed the foundation of the room, it's time to shop for the pretty!  To keep the overall cost down, I headed to the Moveline Hotel Liquidators and this chair for only $125 greeted me the moment I walked into the store:

While shopping for an arm chair and a bedside table, I was also opened for other items that might work for my other projects.  Here is a great solid desk and a mirror with intricate details for $40 and $100 respectively.  A trip to the sprayer and they are better than new!

Also love this chair: it is so sweet and delicate, but also structurally sound.  For only $55, it's a definite candidate for the girl's room.  

A possibility for side table ($75) or a new petite vanity with carrara mable top for my Dad's powder room?

I then headed to the warehouse where I saw many great pieces!  I'm not in the market for such a grand chandelier.  But if I have the place for one and it's grandeur I'm after, this one for only $2,000 certainly fits the bill!

A couple of bergere chairs for $75 each and for $50 this solid queen (or king) size headboard is ready to be transformed into a stylish upholstered headboard.

Can't imagine it? Here is the inspirational shot:

Then I found these Louis XVI Chairs ... they could be the one:

But wait!  There they were, four Louis XVI arm chairs (with extra support around the legs) for $125 a piece! I knew I had found my chair:

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a 2nd hand piece: don't focus on the minor wear and tear on the fabrics or the chair, since you will be refinishing/reupholstering it anyway.  Your focus should be: if the foam or spring underneath is in good condition, is the piece in solid conditions with no splits on legs and have not been re-glued. 

Out of the four chairs, one was in perfect condition except for minor wear and tear.  To make this deal even sweeter, it was 30% off!  So we wrapped it up with taxes for $100!!  

I didn't have too much luck at Moveline for a side table because I actually wanted something more solid and with a drawer.  Long and behold, I found this little number at the Thift Shop for $30. 

This sidetable is perfect because of its scale, the function it offers, and it also comes with a custom cut glass on top to match with the scallop front!  All it needs is a nice bath, a fresh coat of paint, and a new knob!

I'm also thrilled to have found this lamp from HomeSense for only $39.99!  It looks expensive and I will dress it up with a ribbon trim on the shade.

And if you think it's the transformation that put a smile on my face, think again!  I got this beautiful drawing from my little client.  She did it free-hand from our wallpaper and colored it just for me!  See now this is what I call "priceless". 


  1. So many great finds Tim. Keep me posted if you come across any more night tables. I am on the hunt for one for my daughter's room. Looking forward to seeing the finished room. The wall paper looks incredible.

  2. love the transformation! wow the drawing is really priceless!!!

  3. How much did they want for the vanity? It is gorgeous!

  4. @mary: The vanity was priced at $200 or so if I remember correctly.