Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hottest Columist: Tommy Smythe

We have waited for a month to read the new column Tommy wrote for Style at Home starting in the April Issue.  This month, Tommy shared with us his thoughts on use of colours and patterns on perhaps the largest piece of furniture we will sit/lounge on: the sofa. 

Here is this month's column:

This maybe a set for the magazine but it is staged in Tommy's signature black and white combo, with a touch of silver.  This is also Tommy's very own sofa upholstered in rich, luxurious, sexy red silk velvet!

Let's hear what Tommy has to say about his beloved sofa:

As discussed in his column, Tommy's advice for us all is to educate yourself of the kind of sofa you love and then let your creativity be the limit for your choice of fabrics.  Afterall, your sofa is not an accent, it is a statement!


  1. Tommy's gorgeous red sofa makes a bold colour statement, and I love what it says about him as a designer. Also, the silk velvet is an interesting choice. I heart Tommy!!

  2. me too! now i got this great deal of the century sofa .. .i'm thinking of reupholstering it silk velvet!