Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HomeSense: Downtown Toronto

You just never know this rather little HomeSense located downtown Toronto has up its sleeves. It actually has two floors with everything to do with kitchen and decoration on the main floor and whatever you need for bedroom/bathroom and a collection of furniture and rugs on the upper floor.

Since I'm participating in a great charity event "Bloggers Give Back", I decided to head over during lunch for a quick look for deals and ideas for the garden transformation at the George Herman House.

Lets see what caught my eyes this time:

Garden Stool and plastic platters and trays in poppy orange.  Both low maintenance and practical for outdoor living.  Not to mention these bright zazzy tomato red items are only priced from $7.99 to $9.99 for the platters and trays, and $39.99 for the stool.

Looking for something a bit more grown-up, here are two more great finds at $39.99 (stool) and $69.99 (Chair).   I love the natural appeal and the intricate detailing of this stool.  These garden chairs with outdoor cushions in robbin's egg blue could totally cook up one hot blue and orange color scheme.

For a Mediterranean look, how about this stylish set for $249.99? 

The mosaics are not a faux finish!  They are real mosaics and I love the playful colors and sophisticated floral motif.

We may also need some pillows.  These pillows are 24" by 10", done in beautiful outdoor fabrics for only $24.99 each!  While we are looking at pillows, how about this bolster pillow with fantastic embroidery details in bright and cheerful colors for $29.99?

How about some planters?  Here are a couple of great options for until $12!

Of course I also looked around to see what else is new in the store.  I do cook sometime but don't these cheerful kitchen ware in shades of blue, green, and yellow totally make you want to spend more time in the kitchen?  I've also seen these fun containers with chalkboard labels on Steve and Chris before.  They are yours to grab from $9.99 to $12.99. 

This mirror for $49.99 is perfect for a  powder room or bathroom.  With a total of 5 reflective surfaces, I guranteed you won't miss a spot.  Subway signs have been hot for awhile and are still going strong.  Homesense offers these ones from $49.99 to $79.99.  How to make them look more expense and more similar to the ones you saw in magazines? Try applying a high gloss epoxy finish on top.

I love this little number in racer car red!  The trellis sides, the curvy arms, the open and close storages: this little side table has it all for only $149.99! 

Now run over to HomeSense if you have time before these fantastic products are gone!


  1. Tim,
    I was at Homesense tonight as well doing the exact same thing! Looking forward to meeting you through the Bloggers Give Back project!


  2. yes Amy and the fun has only started! Looking forward to meeting you all soon as well.

  3. Hi Tim,
    I love that mosaic garden table - funny how these things pop up after you need them, when I lived in Canada, i searched for one for YEARS like that - no luck. I finally made my own using broken tiles and craft tiles from Michaels.

    I hope you guys come back to Germany soon - there's so much i could show you here! And you would LOVE the german fabric market (it only happens once a year, you would die at the selection)


  4. When I was at another Homesense the other day, I was drawn to a lot of the same items that you've pointed out here. I'm loving all of the bright colours they are featuring for spring. Great picks, Tim!!

  5. @Michelle: isn't it always the case?? that's why you have to get it when you see it! at least that's what i told chris .. though i don't think he's convinced.

    @pam: me too! so colourful and bright. though i'm sort of thinking about going back to more muted colors. .. . stay tuned for the next phase of DM transformation!