Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Deal Issue

I don't know about you but I always have this love-hate relationship when it comes to finding deals.  On one hand, I love the thrill of finding them but at the same time, I hate myself for finding these deals since I don't really need them (I totally suffer from a "want disorder") and have absolutely no place to store them.  My Dad just said to me last night over dinner how I've turned his basement into a "bargain basement" literally.

So I thought, maybe I should share these goodies I've found with you all and hopefully some of them will make it to your home.

First Stop: Of Things Past

This consignment store is a great resource for anything from lighting, dining set, sofa, bed, to silverware.  Here are my picks for this trip:

Buffet on casters with storage, marble top, and sexy legs for $250.

Ornate but not over the top mirror for $ 403 by May 19 and a pair of wall sconces for $403 by April 2.  They are perfect for any front foyer.  I would play up the wow factor by pairing them with modern wallpaper.

Cute side table with patina for $120.

Fantastic occasional chair, can be easily doubled as head chairs in dining room for $306 each (a pair of 2 is available) and the very comfortable club chair for $943 by April 10.

Intricate dining table with brass hexagon base and glass top for $468 by June 3 and the oh-so-trendy bamboo inspired coffee table  in brass and glass for $306 by June 16.  

This store, located in the heart of Leaseside, offers many pieces at unbelievable pricing, though some pieces do require some TLC.  But hey, it's the TLCs that make the pieces more special  to us don't you think? Afterall, you get to reinvent the pieces and make them yours!

These two chandeliers were the door stoppers during this visit.  The moment I walked into the store, they were right in front of me.  The one of the left is priced at $649. This is actually a larger scale fixture and would be a great piece for the landing with high ceiling.  I love its playful nature and the flower motif.  Now the one on the right is more simple (only $59!!) and I can totally see it adding a touch of holywood glam in a spa-inspired master ensuite.

A fantastic hutch with gorgeous cherry wood detailing for $395 and this sea-side inspired mirror for $295.  I so want to use this mirror in a glam powder room!

Everything I found seems like the deal of the century for me, and at this pace, I might well be over 2000 years old.  But among them all, this lovely chair with a price tag of $75 clearly takes the cake.  It is extremely solid (yes, it survived my "shake" test) and all you need is a good reupholster!

3rd Stop: Thift Store for Salvation Army

Thanks to the facebook updates from Jen (a.k.a. Rambling Renovator), the Thift Store for Salvation Army has now become the must-stop everytime I drive north to see my Dad.  Sadly the pieces Jen posted were already gone by the time I got there, but I did see these fantastic deals:

Cheerful wood framed mirror ($7.99), good quality bone china from England with leaves motif ($1.99), and a small dresser (can totally be used as a bedside table ... one of the big trends now) with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware for $25.

and of course then I saw this:

A Mid-Century Modern 3-seater with a very solid frame.  I know it's not the same but it the wood details on the arms and the tuffed back totally reminded me of the "Bear Chair".  I circled it for a good 5 minutes like a hawk, debating where on earth would I be able to store it.  Then I walked away after convincing myself that something better will come along one day when I actually need a couch. 

I wasn't able to get too far since the sofa was totally calling me!  I couldn't help myself but went back to ask about the price.  After some friendly negotiation, I put $65 on my plastic card! 

so YES, I did it!  And will share with you all the increditable transformation (I'm sure it will be) once it's done.


  1. OMG, that couch is friggin' awesome!!! I know you're going to recover it and it will look amazing, but WHERE are you going to put it?!?!?

  2. What a terrific post...keep it coming!

  3. SWEET!! Great looking sofa. I know you'll transform it into something stunning. Your poor Dad though... one more piece of furniture in his basement, lol.

  4. Welcome to the Toronto/Canadian blogging world! I'm fairly new too.
    Love your living room and I'm definitely about to become a "follower"!

  5. Just found out about your blog from Pam @ Cherish Toronto. Great to "meet" another Canadian design blogger :-)

    That is a cool sofa, and you won't regret buying it - especially for $65! Judging by the picture I saw of your home on Pam's blog, I'm sure you'll do something amazing with it :-)

  6. I really like the buffet table, that's a find

  7. @ Kelly: I love the sofa. .. know wondering how I should approach it. Gentleman fabric (checker wool) or something light and serene. . hm.. . the debate continues.

    @ Clyde: me too! just don't have the space for it! I need a house!