Thursday, March 17, 2011

Behind the Scene: Steven and Chris

So my condo was officially on CBC on March 17, 2011 at 2pm!  The show is aired through-out North America and so potentially thousands of people had tuned in and watched my segment!  Now how cool is that!!

Big thank you to Denise and Ian who did a wonderful job in capturing the space with their cameras and Andrea for the insightful walk-through!  

For those of you who've missed the segment, here is your chance to watch it:

It's funny how I live in the condo everyday and didn't think of it as a vibrant  space until seeing it on TV.  I'm grateful for the fun experience, the opportunity to have met some very talented people, and hey, my own condo decorated by me was featured on Steven and Chris!

Speaking about fun, lets have a look at my behind the scene footage:

Bright and early at 9am, Denise and Ian arrived with their big equipment.  Look at that sexy camera and here we have cheerful Ian holding the paper to test the lighting (and posing for my camera).  Here is how the living looks like with great lighting:

Denise is truly amazing in capturing my condo from all different angles.  There were times when she almost had to be on the floor.  Don't believe me, see for yourself:

and of course the segment wouldn't be a success without our design expert, Andrea Ford, for her insightful walk-through:

The dining room ...  and myself were hard at work as well!

A fantastic shot entitled "Meet the Designer":

 and this fun one through Denise's fish eye:

The crew worked so hard for a good nine hours and they were finally packing up at 6:30pm.

I was also invited to be part of the audience at the "in-studio" day and yes, that is Steven at the right:

Here is the beautifully decorated set for the Steven and Chris Show:

Steven and Chris were very friendly and had taken pictures with each and everyone in the audience.  Don't you agree that Steven and Chris share the same expression?   

Here is the picture of Chris and I (who totally looked high) with the guys:

A shot of me outside the studio:

 A shot of Chris inside the studio:

Chris and I with the guys (again ...  couldn't you tell we were obessed?)

And that's a wrap!  What a fun experience and again, thankful for the opportunity and have met Denise, Ian, and Andrea.  Also need to thank the talented local resources, and of course Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe for their hit TV Series for many ideas and inspiration!


  1. Tim, the segment featuring your condo was amazing, what a great showcase of your home and innate design talent. Congratulations on being featured on TV across Canada, woo-hoo!!

  2. Thanks Pam! it was a fun experience.. I loved it! I thought they did such a great job in filming and talking about the space .. and yes, it's on TV across Canada. .. oh wait, and the US as well!

  3. Saw your segment Tim - it was FANTASTIC! Your home and talent shone through. Kudos to you!!

  4. Tim!!!! I can still remember the old days when you were experimenting in your dad's place... ur style matured over time, as you became more confident!!!! so proud of you... for keep pursuing what you like!! :)

  5. Hey Tim,

    Your condo looks amazing in the show...
    and I caught a glimpse of you at the very end audience shot... you must have a lot of fun in the process...

    Can't wait to see how my home will like after your help when it gets build!!!

    Keep it up.


  6. Hey Tim, your house look very different when we last saw it, and it looks stunning too in the video and the photos! Should invite us go there more often and enjoy the beautiful condo! and yes, i saw you twice in the audience group with a very content face.. i am sure you had a lot of fun there! What an experience! I am proud of you! Way to go!


  7. Thanks everyone! yes it was fun and now i'm thinking of putting wallpaper on one wall in my bedroom. don't think i can do more after that to my little condo. will need to find a larger place to play with!

    @jing: funny how you still remember my little experiment back then in my old bedroom. OMG that spongy effect with green + a touch of japanese accent.... hm... all i can say is, thanks trading spaces for their inspiration! Thank god I found Sarah along the way!

    @ Joe and Queenie, yes you two need to come over for dinner sometime. maybe in april when things are a bit more settled. .. . . Joe you will have to bring chrisb along as well.

  8. Your place is stunning from top to bottom!!