Thursday, February 3, 2011

IDS 2011: Part III

Part III of IDS 2011 features two amazing designers I adore.  Their work have inspired me in many ways and lots of the ideas were incorporated into my very own home sweet home.  So who are they you asked?  Who else: Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe!

Before IDS 2011 opened its door, Sarah and her little brother Theo did a couple of great interviews talking about this exciting project.

First off is the interview with House & Home:

Here is a more detailed one from HGTV:

With no further adieu, lets start our tour of the RxR creation:

Love how the white  "Thank You" Board contrast with the rich blue wall.  No detail is too small for Sarah and Tommy: look at that gorgeous window and the vintage bike with orchid!

Here Sarah greets you with a handwritten note sharing her design concepts for the space and don't you love the contrast between the vintage metal unit and the new eames chair?  More orchid of course!

The first room you see is this cozy, comfortable, and punchy dining room. (yes Sarah didn't do just 1 room, she did 3!)

The products from Theo showcased in this room are: the Timberly Coat Rack, the Appalachian Chair, and the Bright Side Pendant Lights.

Love this stripped metal cabinet, the industrial "cross" on the wall, and more impressively how all these edgy pieces were balanced by the softness from the upholstered pieces and drapes done in Sarah's signature style.

How many different fabrics can one chair takes?  The answer is 5 and Sarah showed us how with the Margot armchairs.  

This may not be everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chair!  So much fun and it adds so much charm to this already gorgeous dining room! 

Other than the fabric lesson, Sarah also showed us how to hang these fab pendants: a vintage metal ladder!

Now lets catch the great walk-thru by Sarah herself:

After "Eating", we're now into "Working":
Theo's products in this blue room are: the Excel Wall Sconce, the Branch Floor Lamp, and the Bias Clocks.

I've always loved how Sarah uses blue and white pairing with silver and black (She used a variety of blues in her cottage and also in The Blue Room).  I was inspired to dress my balcony in blue and white as well last year.  But nothing had prepared me for seeing Sarah's execution in real life.  So crisp and chic, and extremely inviting! Who wouldn't want to work here??

What an inspiration board!

The oh so comfortable Coco High Back Chair done in white with navy blue buttons and love the vintage lamp on the side table.

and of course we have to learn how Sarah does her pillows!  Funny I was just in the button store a couple of days before the show and almost picked the same blue buttons for my pillows.

Here is how Sarah describe her blue room:

After "Working", we all need some "Sleep":
Theo's products in this room include: the Russian Doll End Table, the Clinker Pendant, and the Clinker Coffee Table.

I actually love the Clinker coffee table and saw it on sale once at Hollace Cluny.  I didn't pick it up because I didn't know where I would put it and now I'm kicking myself for not buying it!

another pattern plays and great pillow lesson from Sarah:

Sarah's take on a sumptuous bedroom retreat:

Needless to say, I was totally wowed with everything Sarah and Tommy had showed me here but the biggest benefit of attending the Trade Day is ... Sarah was in the exhibit!!

I had thought about the possibility of meeting Sarah and Tommy in person, but I didn't have my hope up.  Meeting Sarah in person ... how can I put it.. ok.. I felt like a teenager meeting his biggest idol ever for the very first time!  I almost couldn't speak if you could believe it.

Some of you may know that being a true SR die-hard fan, I have compiled a book for each of the "Sarah's House" projects with the pictures from HGTV and the articles from Globe and Mail.  My dream was to have Sarah and Tommy autographed it for me!  January 28th was my very lucky day!!

Didn't get much chances to talk to Tommy but hey, I've already got more than what I could ever hope for!  Another great shot with Tommy:

Sarah and Tommy were just as friendly, fun, and energetic in person as they were on TV.  Yes they are both very talented but I would say their lovable personalities also played a big part of their successes.  Speaking of having a big heart, here is the "Sarah's Chair" for Casey House.  This chair had travelled all over the city and was signed by many designers.  Check it out here at Arren Willams Design Lab.

That's a wrap for IDS 2011.  I had a great time this year checking out the latest in designs and of course completely lucked out in meeting Sarah and Tommy in person!  

IDS 2012, see you next year! 


  1. This is a great detailed post about the RxR exhibit at IDS!!! Since you had the opportunity to visit on trade day, it's so much easier to catch images of the rooms and details without hordes of people in your photos. Thanks for a great recap, Tim, and congrats on having the chance to meet and get your photo take with Sarah and Tommy.
    I happened to run into Sarah at Designer Fabrics on Queen Street West (several years ago when all anyone knew of Sarah Richardson was her show Room Service). I spoke with her briefly and told her that she had inspired me to enjoy design and try more DIY sewing projects. She was very gracious!

  2. Thanks for a great post. I really enjoyed walking through the rooms too. My favourite was the blue den for sure.

    A cute bit of information for you.... I was admiring the adorable polar bear painting and Theo told me that Sarah had strict orders to return it to her daughter. "Only two days Mommy!" is what he told me her daughter said. How fun is that painting for a child's space too?
    Thanks again and glad you got your book signed. Those books are a treasure. I have tried to buy the Style at Home that featured Sarah's House 1 as I loved the rooms and there are no more back issues. Having all of the photos in one place is awesome!

  3. Seems like it was way more about Sarah than it was about Theo. I'm just guessing he put on a brave face. These rooms have nothing to do with his ideas. There's some token product placement but that's about it. Matchy matchy colours....yawn...

  4. @Pam: I wished I had a place when she was still doing Room Service ... I would totally ask Sarah to come redo my space. Sadly I was still in school back then.

    yes there were quite a bit of people but I can imagine how busy it would be on the weekend... and that probably made the picture taken a mission impossible.

    @trio: I love that polar bear painting too .. will have to check where she got it again. I can't really decide which one is my favourite of the three rooms. I'm too greedy and I love them all. can't decide... i think there are elements in each that I couldn't part of and that makes it difficult to choose over one another.

    The book is certainly a fun project for me. I'm doing one for Sarah 101 now. Thinking of redoing Sarah's house 1. THat was my first book and the my formatting skill was still green. Since I like House 1 the best, I may consider redoing that one. It's a pricy project though .. . roughly $70 a book (with binding, paper (card stock from paper place), and printing)

    @Stonecat: I guess since Sarah is the interior designer and this is an exhibit featuring products in a room setting instead of just a booth where vendor showing products, naturally the interior decorating part will be more dominant in the space. But you could see how Sarah incorporated Theo's designs and take that as inspiration to decorate each of the rooms.

    Sorry about the link. It worked before and I think Theo's site is doing some maintenance. Will check again later on and make sure they all work.

    Thanks everyone for checking out this entry!

  5. I enjoyed this...I love Sarah and Tommy, too.

  6. Thanks so much Tim for posting this. I've been a Sarah & Tommy fan since Room Service & I never dreamed that fans would be able to connect in this way. How lucky that you got to meet them in person! I'd feel like a 12yr old with Justin Beiber if I ever met them.

    The US fans don't have access to everything you Canadians do, so it's great for us that you took the time to put this all together. Thanks again!

  7. Such a great and detailed recap Tim! I've seen these rooms over and over, but everytime I look at them, I see something new!

    I was like you when I met Sarah, giddy as a schoolgirl. Both she and Tommy were so accessible at IDS, don't you think? I thought it was fantastic and her fans loved it.

  8. oh Jenn I love their spaces! so inviting and it's another great lesson of having a neutral backdrop and then throw in accent color.

    Also really love how Sarah divided her space into 3 distinct areas, which allowed her to use different strong colors in each of the rooms.

    and yes Jenn, both Sarah and Tommy were so friendly and were at their installation quite a bit on Friday.. . allowing fans like me a generous amount of time to talk to them in person.

    I think Tommy was there for the most part on Sat and Sunday. Not sure if Sarah was there for the weekend though.

    IDS should ask Tommy and Sarah to do an exhibit every year!!

    Also have to give you a big thank you for all the recap on Sarah 101! Love them and have been religiously going to your post minutes after the show finished at 9:30pm.

    You asked for my contact earlier ... but I haven't heard from you after. Did you get my email?

  9. I just found your blog through Rambling glad I did! Love your have a new fan!

  10. Very thorough recap Tim! Good stuff. :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by Designwali and Erica! I will be updating an entry for Tommy and a mid-point recap for Sarah 101.

    Erica I love your home!! All of it, every room!