Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IDS 2011: Part II

In part II of IDS 2011, I will walk you through three of the four featured exhibits, Sibling Revelry.  It's such an interesting concept to put some of the most talented siblings in the design industry (interior designs, product designs, fashion designs) together and see what kind of spaces they will create.

You know what they say when you put siblings working together: they either work really well together or it is just asking for touble (i.e. have you seen the show: Brothers & Sisters?)

Luckily in this case, the four spaces turned out beautifully and all had their unique flare.  Whether your design approach is minimalist, luxurious, modern industrial, or colorful and rich in textiles, one of these four designs will capture your heart.

First up is My and Thien ta Trung.  Lets hear about their design concept:

Now check out the space My and Thien created:

I like how they incorporated their indoor furniture in a "green house" using various shades of green, played with sharp contrast between the greens and white, and created the different levels of bunker for the plants.

Now the Dixon Brothers:

The Dixons had created a luxurious living space that I was just "wowed" the moment I stepped into their space.  Don't believe me, see for yourself!

Lovely entrance to their space and touching story as the inspiration for this room.

Another room playing with color contrast: this time is the classic black and white.  Love how the Dixons softened the look with a beautiful shade of warm grey.  The trellis and the cranes created such soft shadows in the room.  Have to say I love the shadow effect in the exhibit... don't know if I can live with that in my own house.

Also need to mention the amount of work (down to the finest details) the Dixon Brothers put into the space was phenomenal.  Just look at the moulding and chair rails!  Thanks Glenn and David for creating such a treat for us.  Oh right, I was also greeted by this amazing sculpture on the wall before I exit the space:

The Dressler Brothers (yes they are twins!):

I love the glass house concept they created and the honest designs of their products to celebrate the natural beauty of the materials.  It's such a great contrast to the space designed by the Dixon Brothers.  While the Dixon' space screamed luxury, the Dressler's space was relaxed, sculptural, and who's kidding who, a space with white walls and furniture in rich wood tone always get my vote!

I just can't get over this bench!  So much fun and very practical.. LOVE it!

Part III is coming up next and it is dedicated to my ultimate design idol, Sarah Richardson (and Tommy).

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