Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IDS 2011: Part I

The Interior Design Show 2011 took place last weekend at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto.  I went on the Trade Day (Blogger is considered Trade as well) and was blown away by the great talents the show offered this year!

Ontario College of Art & Design:  this chair and coffee table designed by the students from OCAD caught my attention.  The simple, organic approach to the weaving on the chair and the simple design of the table allows the material itself to shine.  

Great lamp and clock by Greenwood.  I particularly love how they display the lamp... it looks just like a super-sized case to protect the lamp during shipping.

Domison: love the furry pendants (wonder how if the fur will get "too warm") and the hot pink lines that run though the display.  I felt like I was in the set for "Metrix".

Whimsical furniture by Shawn Place: I absolutely love these pieces..  so much fun and so original!  These pieces will definitely bring out the kids in all of us!

Love love love the pieces from these guys.  Their designs are clever, functional, and really brought out the natural beauty of the materials!  A bit pricy but worth the investment!  I am in love with the desk and the wall sculpture... one day, you will be mine!  These pieces are available at Hollace Cluny

Also available at Hollace Cluny is this great dresser from Heidi Earnshaw Design

A6DS: a regular to the IDS and this year's model is a truly a space saver!

Check this out: this lounger is doubled as a bar as well!

Upcountry:  like their recent "British Invasion", bold and fun!  Don't we all love a space mixing old and new, rustic and elegant? 

snob: look at the variety of stools, a couple of them were even covered in cowhide!  Brass light has been very popular lately and from the buzz I've  heard so far, these elegant pendants will be flying out of the door fast!


These lighting fixtures also caught my eyes... I've always loved pendants like these, just don't have to room for it in my little condo.

Julien Armand: love the mid-century modern vibes from the pieces and those groovy walls!  Also really like the oversized wire pendant... added an industrial touch to the space.  Well done!

Talking about interesting patterns on the wall, check out Moen!  Love the backlit pattern walls.

The city skyline at Caesarstone (my favourite counter materials) and the playing chess in human scale anyone?

The organic yet colorful display at Urban Mode.  The wood slat wall reminded me of a beaver dam.  Check out these cool lamps!

Since we're talking about color, I will have to show you what Style at Home had done.  So charming and whimsical, almost story book like.. . just what we need in the middle of a cold, grey Winter!

Fully frontal of these two colorful rooms:

Check out this pendant made out of paint cans and the fun bird cage:

I also found it a bit surprising that Jane Lockhart, the designer who loves colors in her hit series "Color Confidental", created this booth showcasing her line of furniture in muted greys. Not that I'm complaining about her booth, I personally loved it and afterall, it's the launch of her Platinum series. Just thought she may put more colors in her booth (like this one.. . )

Felt also comes a long way and now a big trend in 2011.  Have a look at the Felt Store.  I also fell in love with Purl in SoHo who also specializes in felt products.

and of course what's the best way to shake off the Winter blue, Summer furniture!

Here is the new line from Alfred Sung (soon available at the Bay):

Andrew Richard Design: love the birch wall and the glass waterfall

and this great backyard inspiration by Earth Inc. (you may remember the guys from the hit TV series: Dirty Business)

The "oh so Italian" booth from Selene.  I'm sure my friend Mary would just wrap up the booth and ship it to NYC if she was here.

Speaking of Italian giant, I also love this kitchen system from Scavolini.  It may not be a problem for those who are 6'5 but for someone at 5'6, it's not always easy to open or close the upper cabinetry, especially those ones hung horizontally.  Scavolini made it all easy with a push of a button and there you go, the door will close on its own!  No more stool my friend!

Also found this storage solution very interesting andd really, is it still storage if it has clear front and can't hide the mess?

After looking after our stomach, the Italians also care about their wardrobe.  Here is my dream closet from Lema:

and of course to expand their brand, Lena also ventured into bookcases in the living space as well.

Lets switch our topic to Industrial: check out these very sexy lights from Rich Brilliant, Willing.

and my all time favourite: Style Garage

Here are my two dream sofas: Montauk and of course, style garage:  

speaking of truly industrial and oh so style, hands down Commute:

After a long day at IDS, I almost wanted to jump into these handsome tubs.  They all have a matte finish and after consulting with the experts at the show, they all claimed that scratches can be easily sanded off with regular fine sand paper! 

This round tub from Lokert can actually fit 6!  I saw that with my own eyes when 6 girls all sat in the tub once.

Love this tub from WET Style.  It has a subtle design on the side, a head rest, and a built-in side table for drinks.  What more can we want?

Stay-tuned... Part II of the IDS Show will feature Sibling Revelry.


  1. Hey, its interesting the photos you selected to display on your blog among the many more that you took.

  2. This is only Part I... Part II and Part III are on their way!