Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goodies at Home Depot

I was in Home Depot to get a cable wall plate cover and thought since I was there already, I would take a quick look at the paint section as well.  Afterall, I will have to get the paint color finalized for the bedroom project I'm working on.

And there it was, the wallpaper section.  Then I remembered my friend at Benito Designs had mentioned Home Depot has a nice collection of well priced wallpapers and here is what I've found:

This lovely and sweet floral is the perfect wallpaper at the front entrance for a project underway (you will read more about it shortly) and this dramatic black and white damask could be featured in my cousin's sexy ensuite!

Also love these bold metallic options:

The best thing about these papers is that they are very well priced.  While their cousins can go for $100 upward a roll at designers showrooms, these papers are only $40 per roll at Home Depot!    You can see this sexy + shimmery damask in action at Benito Designs.

I also passed by the lighting section as well since I needed to get a replacement light fitter for the ceiling fan for the bedroom project.  Never under-estimate Home Depot, as I found this sweet frosted tulip light fitter, which goes perfectly with the wallpaper, for only $6.49 a piece!

And then of course I found this table lamp from Martha for fraction of the price you would pay at Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, especially when they often sell the base and the shade separately.  Also like this handsome ceiling fixture.  Will be a great piece for the front entrance and best of all, this is only $99 or $140 for the longer one!

Take a walk around next time when you're in Home Depot... you just don't know what you may find!


  1. I have the round chrome and glass ceiling fixture in my condo (I replaced the original flush mount boob fixture). Love it!! Home depot, eh? I think I bought mine at Union Lighting, but the price was comparable.

  2. Yeah? that's too funny! I was actually looking for that tear drops glass pendant Sarah used all the time back to the Design Inc days. I had advised others to use that before (I also used them in my Dad's house). Couldn't find it yesterday so maybe it's discontinued already.

    Happy that I found this. I think it's a great handsome looking pendant: sophisticated and not "trying too hard".

    Great minds think alike Pam!!