Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bedroom in Transition

I'm happy to share with you this interesting project I'm currently working on.  This is a stately period home (almost Edwardian like) in a well-established, family friendly neighbourhood.

The homeowner has asked me to re-decorate his daughter's bedroom.  You may think that is a simple task... just get all things pretty, pink perhaps, and the room is done!  Not the case here my friend as my young client is turning 11 this year and case in point: the room has to be able to grow with her for those fun teenage years to come.

Before we go to the actual room I'm working on, lets have a look at some of the wonderful architectual details in this amazing home.

Love the high baseboards and original crown moulding.  The homeowners had done an amazing job to preserve most of these orginal features when updating the electricals a few years ago. 

For those who knows me, I'm huge on wood panelling and would probably recreate this look in a newly built home if I could!  Also love those gorgeous legs on the desk and the side board. 

Yes we all want a spa-like bathroom.  However, I do believe if you live in a period home, you will have to embrace the character of the home and use at least some materials that reminiscence the age the of the home.  In this case, the original mosaic tiles on the floor and the vintage sink with storage.

Now lets have a look at the actual room I will work my magic on.  This 10' by 12' bedroom features period doors, baseboard, crown moulding all in great shape.  It also comes with "slightly dated" wall treatments and mis-matched furniture pieces.

What does the homeowner want to accomplish? A bright, cheerful, and age appropriate bedroom for his daugther to do her homework, host parties with her friends, and of course, a relaxing place to rest.

Since we are using most of the original furniture in the room and my young client was inspired by her friend's yellow bedroom, here is the inspiration for her room:

Here is the new floor plan for the room.  My goal is to accompany the essential pieces of furniture in this small bedroom and keep an open traffic flow.

I'm also in for a treat as the homeowner loves wallpaper (and you know how most people out there wouldn't let you use wallpaper).  We narrowed down to two options and picked the later one for an accent wall behind the bed.

Of course fabrics play a big part of the transformation and here is the collection of fabrics I'm using for this cheerful bedroom:

The young client loves this bold, playful fabric.  Instead of using it as drapes (will probably compete with the wallpaper), we will use it on a bulletin board on the opposite wall.

Fabrics for an upholstered chair for our princess, as well as simple solid and striped cottons with ribbon details for drapes.

Fabrics for toss pillows:

And thanks to Chris (he found it for me), I am now able to turn my vision into a "virtual reality" with my new software.

Come back to check out Part II of Bedroom in Transition for more products sourcing, fun DIYs, and the unveiling of the transformed retreat!


  1. Okay, Tim, I have to say that house is gor-geous!! Looks like a Leaside home, am I right? You have a lot of great ideas here, great combination of fabrics and wallpaper. I'm excited to see how it all turns out. How long do you think the project will take to complete? Are you having the drapes made by someone or is that a DIY project (I'm looking for someone that could sew drapes for my client as well)?
    Most importantly, what software are you using? I want that!!!

  2. Glad you like what I have pulled together so far. I will be going some DIYs with the homeowner to get some of the pieces ready for the room. Will be stripping stain off of old chair and trying to put up wallpaper ourselves.

    The project will start in march and will hopefully be done in march!

    The drapes will be ready made from ikea then the homeowner will put them bottom ban and the ribbon details on. I do know a couple of sources for drapes and pillows... I don't sew afterall. Can give you the contacts when I meet you in a couple of weeks.

    How is your project comin along?

  3. Fabulous design Tim. I would love this if I was an 11 year old. And kudos for a homeowner brave enough to do bold wallpaper.

    And what's this about a blogger meetup??

  4. I know. .. I'm so lucked out with this project! And I love the challenge to have to use most of the existing furniture to create a better functioning room with wow from wallpaper and some fabrics!

    the "blogger meetup" is really a coffee Pam and I have been trying to arrange for awhile now. We're looking at perhaps Monday March 7 in the evening at this point. you want to join us Jen?