Sunday, January 23, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Winter Wonderland

When mother nature gives you the white stuff, you embrace it.  When in NYC, what's better to do than having a walk at Central Park after a blizzard!

Just like the views outside of the condo, Central Park was turned into a magical winter wonderland in 24 hours.  I guess we human can master such transformation as well, but nature does it best and of course, free of charge!

We arrived the Park at around 2pm and already, the families were out to enjoy the fresh snow... the fact that the snow was 2 feet high didn't stop us (and many others).

The Belvedere Castle in Central Park:

View from the castle over looking the "Great Lawn" and the "Turtle Pond"... well covered in snow:

True to my asian heritage, I'm genetically built to be addicted to picture taking (with myself in it)... and here is funny one from this Japanese girl:

It was the first heavy snow fall this Winter in the Big Apple and everyone was busy building their own snowman.

and then it striked me that I've never made one myself EVER!  Inspired by all the other creations in the park, I decided to add my personal touch as well:

Who knew a washroom could look so good and look at what I found on the ground!!

I always collect things from nature on vacations and somehow incorporate them as home decor.  In Central Park, I collected these:

We ventured further to the northern part of the park where it had less tourists and enjoyed a couple hours of nice quiet walk.

I had full intention to skate in Central Park.  Only I didn't consider so would thousands of others.  We arrived the Wollman Skating Rink a little late and the wait could for hours.  Next time Central Park, next time!