Thursday, January 6, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Window Dressing Take II

So just as I thought I'd captured all the festive window dressings in NYC in part I of my entry, the Big Apple had proven me wrong once again when I walked pass Bergdorf Goodman one evening.  I've never been a big fan of big department stores, especially when it comes to their decoration for the holidays.  But Bergdorf Goodman had opened my eyes to a whole new perception that "Department Store" is CHIC too!

OK.. lets be real here ... just like Holts, Bergdorf Goodman isn't just another "Department Store" either.

And just as Holts had an unified shopping and prepping for Christmas theme at their windows this year, BG decided to showcase brave and heroic women in their fantastic outfits from periods of human history.

Now lets have a look at how BG wow us for Christmas 2010.

First of are the warrior princesses from Greek Mythology:

Up next are the adventurous ladies on the quest to explore the world:

and my favourite of them all, this lady who's telling the story (she reminds me of Wizard of Oz) and the ice queen:

a couple of highly detailed miniature displays at BG's windows:

and of course I couldn't resist to take a couple of pictures inside the store (before the lady walked up to me and said I was not allowed to take picture in the store):

Love the displays in the store... well it's all white and cream, of course I love it.  But it's the use of natural materials that caught my attention.  I will have to attempt a DIY for a similar lighting fixture one day.  Too bad I couldn't sneak out more pictures to show you all just how wonderful it looks at BG.  

We also came across this festive and magical show outside of Saks by surprise ... Check it out:

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  1. NYC knows how to do Christmas right!! The city always has an electric buzz, and that sensation is only heightened during the holiday season.
    ~Pam @ Cherish Toronto