Saturday, January 15, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Shopping: Part II

A shopping trip to NYC wouldn't be completed without a visit to the Woodbury Premium Outlet.  Afterall, it's a must-see for all the shopping tours and with 220 stores, there is always something for everyone!  Don't believe me, you will see this as a proven testament by the end of this entry.

I decided to go on Christmas' Eve to avoid the big shopping tour crowds from Toronto (these shopping tours often starts on Christmas Day) and make sure I wouldn't be going through "leftovers".  It was a beautiful day and we arrived the outlet by 11 am.

Already, you can see a few very focused asians studying the site map and ironing out the most efficient shopping plan.  What I like about Woodbury, especially for us Torontonians, is that it houses some of the biggest brand names and we just don't have these stores in Vaughan Mills.

Here are the first few stores we visited for clothing:

I was a little disappointed at Gucci this time... the store was quite empty and the remaining items were not too exciting.  Prada was nice and I actually was considering about a shirt.  Unfortunately, I'm a super hard to find size 34R and Prada didn't have my size.  Slightly discouraged by the lack of successes at these stores, I turned my attention to their amazing ads.

Salvatore Ferragamo has a great assortment of accessories, clothing, and travel essentials for the gentlemen.  A wallet for the plastics is what I got during this visit.


Not really a Chanel fan but I do like the Chanel No. 5 ads with Audrey Tautou.

Athletic gears:

and since we planned to go for morning runs and I didn't bring any running clothing with me, I had no choice but to go get some new ones.. how unfortunate!  There were some great sales at lululemon and Under Armour: I scored a jacket, 3 tops and a pair of pants for $150.

and of course I had to visit Ralph Lauren Home

I've always liked their plaids and there were no shortage of that in the store... and it was probably because they were also not on sales!  I will keep treasure hunting at Homesense.

Where we scored big during this visit to the Woodbury Premium Outlet was Williams Sonoma:

It was sad to discover that the WS Outlet would be closing its doors after the holidays, but for the up side, everything in the store was 30% off of the outlet price!  Mr. "I Don't Shop" actually could resist the temptation and are you ready to find out what he bought? A food processor by Cusinart and an expresso machine from Krups!  So what did I get you ask? I just couldn't resist the great sales on some pasta sauces and their pink grapefruit dish and hand soaps!  I also wanted to get some All Clad pans.  But I was vetoed by the "outer voice" saying: how are you going to bring these heavy pans back?

We also made some other purchases that were not captured on films: jeans from 7 for All Mankind, some serving pieces and big coffee mugs from Crate & Barrel, and a camping knife from Swiss Army.  And the great thing about visiting Woodbury during the holidays is that the place is also somewhat decorated for Christmas:

Are you ready for the moment of truth?
After 7 hours of non-stop walking and shopping, here are the shots of Mr. "What Have I Done", the Happy Shopper, and many shopping bags ...  waiting for our bus at 6pm.

and what's the best way to forget about the frustration resulted from "impulse-buy" you asked?  EAT!

The shopping spirit is truly addictive and after carrying bags of new purchases from Port Authority to the grocery and wine stores closed to Mary's condo, we couldn't resist and even picked up some groceries and a couple of bottle of wines!  As if we still have hands to carry them... .

We also walked by the "tree farm" on our way home ... Chris saw the look on my face and he must be thinking: Thank God Mary already has a tree!

after a very exciting but exhausting day at Woodbury, I crashed almost immediately after dinner:

and 9 hours later, it was time to revisit our damages in bright day light on Christmas Day:

close ups:

Just as man would need a wallet for the plastics, a budget analyst of course would need a chic calculator!

Chris' new love: food processor and coffee cups... and a transformer?
And we were ready for our morning run on Christmas Day... with our new gears of course!

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