Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Furniture Stores: Part III

Part III of my amazing furniture stores discovery in NYC features two very special stores to me, Design Within Reach and BDDW.

Design With Reach:

I've always loved DWR as it carries a wide range of mid-century modern pieces that I would totally just filled my home with if (1) I have the room and (2) I have the deep pocket.  So far, I've accomplished a set of Cherner side chairs, the womb chair with ottoman, and a couple of Eames chairs.

Another reason I love DWR is that it also carries other "newer" designers and one of my favourites, Tom Dixon.  It was love at first sight when I saw Tom's "Beat" light at MOSS during my first trip to NYC.  And I am fortunate enough to have collected a pair of pressed glass light bowls designed by Mr. Dixon.  They will be sitting over my future kitchen counter!

Lets have a tour of DWR's fab SoHo store:

love that cluster of moooi lights, so light and yet so dramatic! and how can you resist that subway map as wallpaper??  Now how about that green lounger at the cottage?

another great cluster of George Nelson bubbles (I also proudly owned 2), the handsome Modo Chandelier, and my Eileen Gray side table!  But wait..  is that the new Tom Dixon's pendant??  I was determined to pick that up for my front entrance.  However, considering I just picked up a great glass lamp from Michele Varian, I better save it for the next trip.. . or a reason for me to go visit DWR in their Toronto store.

The Etch pendants are so dreamy and I also love moodiness of these pendants by Jeremy Pyles.

Look that the intricate construction of the table base... too bad Mary isn't big on natural wood.  I would have picked up this table for her.  Love the use of Paul Smith's fabric on this loveseat!  I'm so considering recovering my sofa with a strip fabric!

My favourite pottery designer, Eva Zeisel, new release for DWR.

Love these two pieces.. . so much fun!  Although I think Chris' exact word was "ugly".

Now lets go from fun, bold, and colorful to quiet, claim and yet equally powerful.  To me, the pieces in BDDW are strikingly beautiful!

The moment you walked into the store, you are greeted by this powerful vignette.  The vignette was so calm and simple, and yet there was something that totally drawing me to it.  Well the fact that the ceiling was at least two stories high also helped!

and this is the floor lamp I have been dreaming about for years!  You will be mine one day!  I know these hanging mirrors are hot. . but somehow I was never really sold on them until now I see them in BDDW.  hm. ..  ok... I have no space for them.. I need a bigger house first!

Two stunning vignettes showcasing the very handsome storage units.  The one with a white frame and a weathered wood front maybe the one for Mary.

What I also love about BDDW is their fun way of product illustration.  Here we have arrows shooting everywhere and on the right, we have a huge piece of machinery (I believe it used to make rug) as the backdrop for the rugs area.

Here are my two favourite spots in NYC.. I might not be able to pick up too many pieces there but I was certainly in for a treat!


  1. These furniture are stylish and trendy. I’d like to have the pottery designs and lights from SoHo store.
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  2. I like the Natalie Page ceramic funnel lights at BDDW. We were there about a month ago and they were sold out.They have a handmade yet modern feel about them. We want to group about 5 or 7 over our dining table. Does anyone know who else sells Natalie Page lighting? I've searched the internet but no luck.