Monday, January 10, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Furniture Store: Part II

Now we're getting into SoHo.  There are so many fantastic stores, from high-end to little boutiques, for all the furniture, accessories, clothing, houseware, restaurants you can imagine.  For this entry, I will focus on a few great boutique furniture/accessory stores I love.

Bobby Berk Home:

I came across this name from one of the bloggers I followed and I'm glad that I made it to visit the store in person.  The dramatic black and white wallpaper at the back wall of the store immediately captured my attention.  Now lets have a closer look:

love the high contrast in the dining room setting and best of all, Bobby Berk Home also carries GUS*, one of my favourite furniture stores from Toronto.  I love these fun storage tiles and can just see myself going banana installing them in the kitchen for spices... and I will find a place for this pendant one day!

Other fun stuff in the store:

So what did I get from the store on this trip?  quite practical actually ....  a very chic humidifier:

Jonathan Adler:

I was first drawn to Jonathan Adler quite a few years ago when he launched his pottery series: Lantern.  It remains one of my favourites (next to the Eva Zeisel pottery series for Klein Reid) and I regretted big time for not picking up the lantern teapot now it is discontinued.

Today, more colors have been injected into JA's designs and that reflects in his store:

and I love these porcelain ornaments:

A couple of lamps I will have one day.... when I can figure out where to put them:

Potential "key box" at the front entrance?  maybe not.... but they are lots of fun!


This store is quite fun.  It could be a potential one stop shop for people who like things modern.

I like the toys and this little kid table. .. also like the bowl and paper holder by toast!  I actually bought the paper holder.  Unfortunately the bend wood didn't climatize well with dry air in North America and it's not sitting flat on the table.. . sadly, it became a returned item.

quite like these two lighting fixtures.  Yes, the grey one is not just a candelabra, it can actually be a hanging fixture as well. 

The glass chandelier at the front of the store caught my attention and before I knew it, I was in the store.

I like the small objects they have in the store and I adored these candle holders. .. and now I just can't remember why I didn't pick them up?

Cool Hunting for GAP:

Well this isn't exactly in SoHo but it's also a tiny, but full of surprises, store I visited on this trip.  I saw quite a few items I would like to get but I hesitated as they were a little pricy.  This is a home concept store opened by the GAP.  As I was preparing for this entry, I discovered that the store is now closed.  Lets recap on some of the happy memories I had in this store:

Love these bottles and thought they would make such great vases... not sure what's this banana for. . .but I've it everywhere in the Big Apple.  And this picture doesn't do its justice here.. this banana is 2 feet tall!

Skateboards wrapped in Japanese Kimono and some cutesy doll figures from Klein Reid.

Love this magnetic bracelet!  It can be shaped in whatever size, shape, and form you want ... and everyone will need a tool kit by Jonas Damon.

I almost got these cups!  Thought they were a steal of $32 for the set.  They have a glossy glaze finished in soft grey and white (sort of in japanese style) and the yellow part is actually rubber ... so your hand won't get burned by the hot tea and it also won't slip: what an ingenious idea!  I then discovered at the checkout they were $32 a piece and Mary had to pull me away from them.  THANKS MARY!

Michele Varian:

Michele Varian! I normally don't repeat the name of the store that many times. . .but this store just nailed it!  I love everything about this store: vintage, new, unique one of a kind pieces, rustic, delicate, funky .. . you name it, they have it. . literally!  Well at least for me..

You are greeted by this wonderful wallpaper at the front entrance, a red rustic metal chair, a series of trays hang as art pieces, and a great assortment of pendants!

I just love this clock.  It's simple, subtle, and yet a very strong presence! I almost picked it up until Chris stopped me saying "where do you have room for this?" . .. Also like these wooden objects. . I can see myself living happily with the large flashlight by Jonas Damon, the radios, and even the King Kong at the lower right corner!

How do you not love this store?? Look at these great mercury and nickel pendants! All at very affordable prices and the fun salt and pepper couple!  Totally Alice in the Wonderland!

Talking about glam and using a hit of gold to add the festive touch!  Take a look at these little numbers:

and what did I get from Michele?  This irresistible find!

It sums up all the elements I love: organic, industrial and delicate.  It reminds me of little baby crystal and being magnified 1000x, so we can see its natural beauty with our own eyes.

It's also a pain in the neck to bring it back up north.  Due to its delicate nature, I naturally wouldn't want to put it in the checked luggage.  But due to its glass structure, the security at the airport probably wouldn't let me bring it as hand-carry (I guess I can break the glass and kill someone??).  Anyway, to make sure I would be able to bring it back and that it would arrive safely, I started a full hour safeguard wrapping session and this was how it looked like before going into a box (at the upper left corner):

1 hour and 30 mins of plane ride later, my new love arrived safe and sound! It is now sitting gracefully above my Tom Ford book in the dining room.

That's it for today ...  stay-tuned for the next entry where I will show you what I found at two iconic furniture stores in SoHo.


  1. Tim,
    I've just found your blog (via AT), and so far I'm really enjoying it!! I've just skimmed over some of your posts, and your DIY projects are A-mazing. Your blog is going to become very popular!!!
    ~Pam at Cherish Toronto

  2. Thanks Pam! I enjoyed reading yours too! Funny how we both picked the same fabric for Spring 2011 Inspiration!

    Will post more pics here when I get my act together!