Thursday, January 27, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Food Bible (Part I)

After numerious entries on shopping, decor, and natural wonders, we're finally ready to talk about another increditable aspect of life the Big Apple offers: FOOD.

We, Torontonian, have always been labelled as the "spoiled" crowds when it comes to food since Toronto offers a great variety of cuisines from all over the world.  However, NYC has taken the expectation to yet another level when the restaurants also "never sleep"!  We're not just talking about pizza here, there are Japanese, Korean, Italian, and many other tasty treats just off the streets!

Given the number of restaurants we'd visited during our two weeks stay, I will break it up into 2 parts.  In Part I, I will show you the non-asian options.

The Mercer Kitchen:

It spreads over two floors with more casual cafe style on the main floor and sexy/modern dining at B1.  It's connected to the chic Mercer Hotel in SoHo and obviously my eyes were in for treats the moments I walked into the restaurant.

Here is the lobby of the hotel, which is connected to the restaurant.

and the food here was quite good and at reasonable price.  We had a tuna pizza and a juicy homemade burger.

Cafe Cafe is a great neighbourhood cafe to rest those soar feets after a day of shopping in SoHo.

Cafe Cafe offers a variety of pastries and freshly brewed fair trade coffee.  The place is also full of character!  Look at those Thonet's chairs!  Reminded me of the Kensington Market in Toronto.

Love the wings and the ship inspired ceiling! Thanks to the hanging systems, these wings actually clap!

This seared tuna sandwich was extremely tasty, especially with that touch of wasabi.  The only downside is, it was a pain to eat in an orderly manner in the restaurant!  No matter how I tried to tackle it, the veggies or the tuna always fell all over the place.  I would order it again only if I'm doing takeout and can enjoy it at the comfort of home.

Another interesting design aspect of this place is the restroom.  These doors are actually somewhat transparent.  I still couldn't figure out how the door turned "opaque" when in use.  Hope they do... see for yourself.

Communitea: a fantastic neighbourhood cafe at Long Island City.

Special menu for New Year Day and here is the Banana + Nutella Stuffed French Toast!  So tasty.

Here is that melt cheese with ham in croissant and Latte with Maple Syrup.

A great place for Macaron: The Macaron Cafe!


I know Starbucks isn't really that special but this location in SoHo offers exotic, rare, and exquisite  coffee and they don't brew multiple cups with the same batch of grounded coffee: they brew yours and yours only!

This is it for the "western" experience.  Join me on the next entry for the Asian Edition of the Food Bibble in NYC.

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