Sunday, December 12, 2010

Condo Makeover- Christmas Edition

Christmas is by far my favourite holiday of the year, despite the fact that I am scarred for life for only getting "1" present for the past "25" years (my birthday is on the 27th).

It's also the occasion when I can go all out to decorate the condo without that little voice my head telling me "why are you redecorating?"... since everyone is "redecorating" this time of the year!

If you've read my previous entry, you would know that I plan my tree decoration 1 year in advance.   The good of shopping this way is (1) my stress level is way lower than the other ladies in the stores since I'm done for this year already. .. .I'm only looking something for next year and (2) I get to pick up all the great sales!  Now the bad... (1) you maybe inspired by a color scheme right now, but you're shopping for next year, so you're technically a year behind "the trend" and (2) most people will think you're crazy ! so don't tell anyone you're doing that.

In my case, I was inspired by all the rich purple and pewter ornaments last year and so I decided to decorate my place with silver and purple this year!  Here is my place dressed for Christmas 2010:

The makeover is relatively simple: changing the sofa/pillow covers, add a reindeer rug on the existing rug, a couple of reflective stars, some pine branches, and "ding"... living room transformed from cheerful and bright in Summer to warm and cozy for cold Winter nights.

Here are a few more shots:

Now that we're on pillow talk, here are my pillow plans for the silver and purple scheme.  Thanks Wes for helping me with the pillow cases!

I have also been working on a mini dining room makeover as well... my goal is to use wallpaper on an accent wall for dramatic impact.  

Love this wallpaper from Osbourne and Little. ...  and I have a tip for those of you out there thinking of installing large print wallpaper: get a sample and ask the wallpaper installer to tell you how many rolls you need BEFORE ordering the paper.  

My lesson is that I provided the measurement of my wall to the very helpful staff at the wallpaper store, she suggested 2 rolls should be fine, and so we ordered this lovely wallpaper from the UK.  A week and $50 shipping later, 2 rolls of wallpaper arrived.   Then the wallpaper handyman came to have a look and said, I would need three rolls because of the large print (repeat) and there would be lots of wastage just to match the pattern.  So I had to bite the bullet and ordered another roll of this rather expensive wallpaper and another $50 for shipping. 

I love the end result.. . just took longer and cost more.  It's not the wallpaper store's fault either because normally 2 rolls of paper would be plenty for the size of my wall.  We even unrolled the paper to measure if we would have enough.  When it came to actual installation, we were short 1 stripe of paper and so that one roll was necessary.  

I'd also mentioned in my previous entry that I will decorating my place with lovely items from Heather
Here is the wand doubled as a tree topper:

Felt birdies on branches:

Organic felt becomes table runner:

and here is my bedroom for Winter:

I also hosted my first Christmas party at my condo. .. here is a little sneak peek of my next two entries: (1) Gift Wrapping + DIY Christmas decor and (2) Chef in Action.  

Before you go, check out these great holiday tips from House & Home!


update: 12.25.10

A great house tour from Chris at Style North!  


  1. Your place looks fabulous! I think you're pretty smart for buying your ornaments a year in advance (though I personally wouldn't be able to resist putting them out this year, ha). And I love Heather's stuff. I did a post on the One of a Kind Show and included her booth. Her stuff is so dreamy. That organic felt you got from her looks so lush!

  2. Wow your place looks amazing. Love how you included all new pillow covers for the winter decor. Thanks for sharing the design plans as I was clueless about how these things come to life. The tree looks fabulous. Where did you find those beautiful silver stars you have on display?

  3. Thanks girls! I had lots of fun putting this together this year... especially when I was so busy at work. Coming home to decorate the tree (at the end of October) was such a treat for me!

    and if you're getting Christmas decor to be used in the same year, you really need to look early as most retailers put out there holiday items starting in mid-October!

    the stars were from HomeSense. looking very similar to the ones Sarah used at her place a couple of years back. I think she got hers from Urban Barn. I still saw them in their Queen West store a couple of weeks ago when I visited them.

    I love the runner too! I was going to sewn it myself but then I chickened out and asked my colleague to help me instead. Inspired by all these simple but elegant designs from Heather, I just got myself a sewing machine today... will start to learn how to sew in 2012!

  4. Tim, I love your choice of wallpaper, the bold print is a real stunner! If you're gonna do it, do it right...right? I wallpapered my bedroom two years ago, and it's still my favourite element in the room ( I wish I could do more, but I just don't have enough rooms - time to get a bigger condo!!

  5. Ooh, that place looks spectacular! It's so full of Christmas cheer! Kudos to ya! It's almost December too, so I can't wait to see what you're going to cook up for your condo this time!

  6. WOW! I love what you did to this condo! "that place looks spectacular!" agreed i n full here. The color and texture of the picture pleases me to no end. :)
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    1. Seriously awesome. You are a breath of fresh air. I will be forwarding this to everyone I know who loves to read innovative piece of work on condos.