Friday, November 5, 2010

Bloor Street: a Quick Visit

Just like our typical Saturdays, Chris and I were on scheduled with our routine to hit the gym in the morning for a workout at Bloorpark.  What I forgot to mention to Chris this time was that Pottery Barn was also on the "to-do" list, since I got the Friends & Family discount card.  Needless to say, he would think that I intentionally exclude this detour on the itinerary until the last minute and to my defence, I just genuinely forgot to mention that was on my agenda.  There seems to be a recurring glitch in my brain that somehow preventing me to share some information with others. .. selectively.

Anyways, as many of you know, Pottery Barn is my favourite pass-time at lunch.  I'm mostly drawn to their rugs, chairs, accessories, and most of all, their Christmas collections.  Since their products are a little prizy, I tend to go treasure-hunting for the discounted pieces: we all love a good bargain afterall!

We arrived at PB after the gym (yes, that's Chris busy texting in the picture) and love the 2010 Fall collection.

I didn't pick up anything with my discount card this time, but I did like this apple candle and this floor lamp:

and these bath products ...  I felt like I was in a country-side B&B in Europe!

and of course to make this detour worthwhile to Chris, I had to take him to Williams Sonoma as well. 

While he was busy checking out the juicers, I was checking out the store decor.  I loved how they place the pieces evenly on the wall and the white marble on the counters! 

After our tour of the two stores, we went to 7 West for brunch. 

I loved how cozy this place felt and what a perfect place to give your feet a break after a couple of hours of shopping (or walking and waiting for some). 

This place did only look good but the food was also delicious! we ordered the pancakes with fruits and homemade burger with pita bread.  I'm usually not a fan of pita bread, but with this burger .. . . let just say I finished it in record time!

Inspired by our lovely brunch, Chris and I decided we would bake Banana Nut Bread and make our first homemade pizza.

Here is the Banana Nut Bread (from Williams Sonoma):

and here are the ingredients:

Going into the mixer:

Man I love my mixer: good looking and practical.  The only down side is, it's very heavy!

Going into the oven:

and here is the Pre-oven bread and the Post-oven bread:

Looked pretty good hey!  Let me tell you, it tasted delicious!!
While the banana bread was really Chris' baby, I was the sue chef for the homemade pizza.  Here are our ingredients:

Busy at work but still got time for the camera!  Isn't this the first time ever caught on camera that a sue chef is using chopsticks to put his ingredients on an Italian pizza?

Heat up the oven to 390F

and here is the finish product (forgot how long the baking time was): our first homemade pizza!

It was a delicious meal and we had a great time cooking together.  I would definitely recommend people to try doing this at home.

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