Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oasis of the Seas

I'm currently in the middle of a crazy busy season at work and the not so long ago vacation down to the Caribbean (1.5 weeks to be exact) seems like light years away already.  In an attempt to cheer myself up a little, I thought why not try to relive my vacation by sharing that with you all here!  

So I was on the largest ship yet from Royal Caribbean and man I tell you, this thing is huge!!  It does not only have a 3 stories high shopping/entertainment center in the middle of the ship, it also has a park on deck 8, a water theatre at the end of the ship, and 2 flow riders at the pool deck!  I've been on 4 cruises before and I will have to say this is the first time I got a bit stressed because I actually had to really think about what to do each day so I could actually do them all before my cruise came to an end!

Here are a few pictures from the ship...

Solarium at the front of the Ship

View of Central Park from Deck 15 

Central Park on Deck 8 at night

One of the many bars on the ship

This is in the spa area ... the relaxation room

The sitting area outside of the dining room

The main dining room (3 stories high!!)

I was supposed to go to the East Caribbean (Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten)... but because of Hurricane Earl, we ended up going to Costa Maya and Cozumel instead.  The weather was very nice and here are a few pictures from the trip...


Costa Maya

Snuba in Cozumel

So how does this have to do with design you may ask?  Well, since I was away for a week, I thought I would give Chris a note per day.  Here is my little DIY project:

Cards and paper

Stamps and ink pads

embossing kit from Martha Stewart

Finish products ... well at least I thought I was done.. . 

The messages .. .. 

Close ups. .. 

And then I thought I have to package it in such a way that Chris just wouldn't read it all at once .... so ... 

more materials: wool yarn, punch from Martha Stewart, and paper

Final finished product. .. .

Now I feel better already.. . .all the happy thoughts just rejuvenated my mind again!  Hope the happy thoughts will have a longer staying power. .. keeping my fingers crossed!!

p.s. love this shot. .. .will see what I will do with it one day  .. .. another art work in the marking?  


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  1. Fantastic entry mister! Your crafts are crafty!! And I too love that shot, and think it could be fun framed. Colours would work well... :)

    Oh, and the ship....wow!!