Thursday, August 12, 2010

NYC Condo - Part 1

so i'm delighted to be asked by my good friend Mary for suggustions on what to do with her newly purchased condo in the Big Apple! Mary and I go way back and have gone through some important milestones together ... well at least in my life. She will deny this but I do owe it to her for being where I'm career wise today (ok mary, remembered those constant evil looks during the UFE exams when I was tempted to go overrun in question 2??).

I was very happy for her when she told me that she would be going to NYC for work! Naturally my immeditate reflex was: Woodbury Outlet! oh wait. .. .2 weeks in NYC with accommodation!! But no I actually held those thoughts back ... and was a bit sad as many of my good friends seem to have moved away from Toronto either to the States or Hong Kong.

Anyway, since Mary is very busy with her work and not having any time to think about what to do with the place, she'd come to me for some helps and had sent me the floor plan of her soon to be "Home Sweet Home":

The questions Mary had for me were:

Question 1. Which wall should I put the TV? The TV cable is on the right wall and there's a vent on that wall.

Lower but long media unit with both open and close storage came to my mind for that wall. You will need to allow for the vent but at the same time maximize the potential of the space by having pieces are served duo purposes. In this case, a place for TV to sit on (if not mounted on the wall) and place for displays and hiding all the practical but usually "unsightly" DVD players, Ipod dock, etc.

here is an example of what I had in mind:

Question 2: How to do arrange my living and dining area with it all being one big room?

With the panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline wraps around the L-shape floor to ceiling window at the far end of the Living/Dining room, it only make sense to use a L-shape sofa snuggle at that corner.. . so the view will be right in front of you when you lounge. Ideally a L-shape sleeper will be perfect (double the living room as guest bedroom for overnite guests) but it's not that easy to find, we will just have to see if I can find that in NYC for her when I go visit. But I think a L-shape sofa is the way to go ... at least I would definitely do that for myself.

so here is a couple of options I found:

More sleek and masculine

Softer and more airy...the L goes the wrong way ... but you get the idea.

and here is a perfect upholstered ottoman as coffee table (maybe with different fabric):

Now for the dining area, Mary would entertain friends but not very often ... so I thought with the limited space, we should get a round dining table with four chairs (perhaps adjustable in height) so two of them can be doubled as bar stools for causal breakfast at the bar. Here is our inspiration:

the setting is visually light but serves the function in the small space.

Now perhaps a chair at the corner of the L-shape window and a side table for light or a drink...
here are a few options:

We will also need a side table next to the sofa, probably a place for a lighting fixture and drinks ....

so, here you have it .... a run down for the living/dining room.. .. . more to come on the bedroom and bathrom ... but for now we have a proposed floor plan:

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