Wednesday, November 6, 2019

One Room Challenge Fall 2019 ~ Week 6 REVEAL

Hello Wednesday and yay we are at Week 6 of One Room Challenge!!  I still couldn't believe we manage to cross the finish line with both the office / guest bedroom and the ensuite bathroom.  I am so thrilled with the transformations, and these rooms turned out way beyond my wildest dreams.  Here is a quick recap of my 6 weeks process:

week 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5   

Say hello to my blank canvas home office / guest bedroom circa October 2019.  Chris and I had just closed the sale, and we were finally be able to get our superstar contractor, Eagleview Construction, to embark on my impossible 6 weeks timeline.    

Just like that … wishes sometimes do come true! I owe it all to Eagleview and all the incredible trades (especially Bendt Kitchens & Millworks) to turn my vision into a reality. I want this room to be light and airy, stylish yet inviting, monochromatic in hues, while embracing the beautiful texture of natural materials.  After all, this is what living in the cloud feels like right? 

I have divided the room into three distinct zones: lounge, work, and storage.  It is very important that we would be able to turn the space back into a master bedroom (one day when we decide to sell).  That's why we have the custom draperies covering the entire length of the wall, so it also serves as a serene backdrop for a queen size bed when the time comes.  The ceiling track application immediately up the contemporary vibe, and the cream and grey pinstripe (Montauk Pinstripe from Tonic Living) complements the natural wood tones from the daybed (vintage IKEA) and the custom millworks perfectly. 

Layering is key in creating warmth and interests with a monochromatic palette.  In this case, I have piled on layers upon layers of creams, greys, and accents of black to make this room sing.  The pillows are actually ready-made pillows available from Tonic Living (Charlie Stripe and Mila Dot) and the sofa cover is custom with high performance fabric.  The luxe Alicia Adams Alpaca wool blanket is an unbelievable score from HomeSense.     

To soften all the rectangular lines and edges, I said yes to the Promenade rug from CB2 for its graphic design and delicate palette.  It is also 100% wool so my toes are in love ... so is the environment for less petroleum products in design. 

And if I have to pick one single item that completely transformed this space from builder basic to a designer showpiece, it is hands down the absolutely exquisite grasscloth wallpaper from York Wallcoverings.  The color is soft, the texture is divine, and the luxe factor tips the scales.  I would definitely install this wallpaper again in a heartbeat ... perhaps in the living room next!   

To add a touch of whimsy to this soothing hangout spot, a classic Big Scissors by Alanna Cavanagh, framed by Framing Time, is not doubt the perfect choice.  

Before I talk about the accessories on my newly reupholstered ottoman, let me just say I couldn't be happier with the fantastic craftsmanship of Friko's Upholstery and the super chic Kelly Wearstler fabric I picked up from Life in Weave.  Thanks Chloe from flur for an elegant and free spirited floral arrangement.  The intricate two toned ring chain is handcrafted by Grace of Eikcam Ceramics, and the tray with a handsome sketch is by talented Luke Edward Hall

Ready to have a look at the work zone? Not sure how much "work" will actually happen here (have you checked out the gorgeous view outside the window?) but it surely is mighty fine.  This is the humble beginning of the home office:

And here is the dynamite work space aims to inspire: 

Dressed in natural white oak with a waterfall design, this spectacular desk runs the entire length of the room ... yes it is over 11' long!  Though different in style, the roman blind echoes the drapery panels via the Montauk Pinstripe fabric.  I have sprinkled sleek black accents through the stunning artwork by Justyn Chapman through Montana Labelle, the captivating chandelier from Gfurn, and of course the Cord Chair designed by Jacques Guillon I totally lucked out from Kijiji.


oh and of course details matter and I LOVE my pinstripe basket from the Stratford Festival Store, the beyond beautiful white oak scroll tray by 1925 Workbench, and the truly breathtaking tea pot and cup by Lea & Nicolas.   

One last stop in the office / guest bedroom is the storage area.  Again with resell in mind, I've designed the storage solution with a combination of attractive open display and practical closed storage to ensure our investment is perfectly suitable for a home office or as a wardrobe closet in the future.  

From before to after in 6 short weeks: 

Arches are HOT these days.  It maybe perceived as a trendy element; however, arches are in fact one of the fundamental designs in architectural history.  To make the open display cabinet extra special (an otherwise dead corner where the desk and the closed storage meet), I have incorporated both the arch top and the slat back panel detail in its design.  Why not give this typically overlooked corner its celebrating moment right?        

Styling open shelves can be daunting (at least for me) but it is also very rewarding once the accessories have found their homes.  Here I have my favorite vases from Dina Syrowitz and Alissa Coe, pairing with a sculptural "pitcher" from HomeSense and a trio of cork bowls from OAK + FORT.    

The slat detail also repeats as the side panel for the closet storage unit.  How many times have we walked into a room and greeted by a standard flat panel on the side of the wardrobe system?  It's often not very attractive and most definitely not inspiring.  Since we were going custom with our millworks, I decided to up the ante to turn this "after thought" into a design statement.  We even have a little spot for an original artwork from Living Pattern and a stunning handmade / woven stool by Jordan Poirier.         

It's time to head into the ensuite bathroom, and we have knocked this out of the park if I may say so myself (check out the before and after) ... especially when it is completed within 6 weeks!

First impression is key and this ensuite bathroom is no exception.  The floating vanity in white oak with slat panels, the statement countertop with miter edge detail (Montauk from HanStone), and the stylish wall mounted Serin faucet from American Standard immediately say top notch luxury.  Referencing the arch element and black accents in the office / guest bedroom, I have found the most perfect mirror from HomeSense.  It's over 50" tall and 24" wide and it is $99.99! The mid-century inspired wall sconces are from Illuminate Vintage, and the towel ring is part of the Studio S collection from American Standard.     

Another design element we carried throughout the two spaces is the use of wallpaper.  To echo the grasscloth wallpaper in the office / guest bedroom, a combination of natural grasscloth in a stripe pattern and a vinyl paper with a grasscloth texture from Crown Surface Solutions were installed in the bathroom.  The shimmery grasscloth is destined as the featured wall while the rest of the bathroom is covered with the vinyl paper for durability and style.  

I have wanted a wall-mounted faucet for the longest time.  So when the opportunity presented itself after we rerouted the plumbing to allow for more practical storage, I simply couldn't say no.  Besides, nothing speaks contemporary bathroom better than a sleek, streamline wall-mounted faucet ... not to mention the extra countertop space we've now freed up for the mighty studio undermount sink from American Standard. 

Once decided on the faucet and the vanity, we knew Montauk from HanStone would be our countertop.  It mimics a natural white marble with light grey veining in pure perfection. To make sure we have the right proportion between the countertop and the backsplash, we decided to pair the 8" backsplash with a 4" thick miter edge countertop.  Waterloo Stone Works did an amazing job (not to mention the super tight timeline) and don't be surprise to see us redoing the guest bathroom in the same combination soon!    

For an extra touch of fun, I have added the ko soap dish from Object & Totem + soap from Binu Binu.    

Let's check out this beautiful shower! I am thrilled with how it turned out, especially when I was heart broken when I was told replacing the standard acrylic shower base wasn't an option (both time  + budget).  Here are the key design elements to help "elevate" the overall look and make you feel like you are at a stylish boutique hotel:

  • luxurious DXV Modulus shower system featuring rain shower + personal shower set with hand shower 
  • large format marble inspired porcelain tiles + two toned natural stone application for a custom, designer look while visually expanding the space by seamlessly connecting the shower tiles to the textured vinyl wallpaper 
  • custom minimalist glass shower with matte black hardware for an urban modern edge

Living in a condo doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style and comfort, especially in the bathroom.  It's far too common in new condos where an unattractive shower head and an on/off switch with temperature control are all you get.  THAT is exactly what I refused to settle with.  Instead, I asked the builder to leave the room unfinished so we could install the shower system of my dreams.  The sleek profile of the Modulus 2-handle valve trim offers a contemporary polished look, while the circle and arch motifs correspond to the mirror and the millworks / accessories in the adjacent office / guest bedroom.  The chrome finish works brilliantly with the grey porcelain tiles and it makes cleaning a breeze.

Luxurious without being over the top +  indulgence and yet approachable.    

This is the part you have all been waiting for.  Remember that issue I had with the toilet being 4" away from the wall?  Well it really was a blessing in disguise because if it wasn't for that gap, we wouldn't have been forced to find an alternative solution, and probably would have never installed such an incredibly attractive display unit with a solid quartz surface for candles and decorative objects. Thank You happy accident! 

Speaking about finishing touches, I am over the moon excited to see my ribbon from Angela Chrusciaki Blehm installed.  It's perfect in the room, and I am loving how graphic it looks against the subdued vinyl wallpaper!

That's a wrap!! Six insanely busy weeks and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who'd helped us to make the transformation possible.  I am so looking forward to lounging here on weekends and as for Chris, his colleagues are already wondering if they would ever see him back in the office! 

Thank you to all of you who've followed my makeover journey and now it's time to celebrate the reveals of the featured designers and my fellow guest participants.  A big round of applause to all of us for job well done at Fall 2019 One Room Challenge ... We DID IT!

Thank you Stephani for capturing the rooms so beautifully with your camera.  It's always fun to work with you and I can't wait to do it again for the next One Room Challenge! 

special thanks 

construction: Eagleview Construction
countertop fabrication: Waterloo Stone Works 
upholstery: Friko's Upholstery

partner & sponsor

office / guest bedroom:

wallpaper: York Wallcoverings
window coverings, pillows: Tonic Living 
art frames, books, accessories: HomeSense
chandelier: Gfurn
black round vase: Dina Syrowitz

ensuite bathroom: 

faucet & shower: American Standard & DXV Canada 
countertop: HanStone Canada
wall sconces: Illuminate Vintage
mirror, marble board (on vanity), soap / sponge / brushes, towels, candles: HomeSense
grey and white stone tiles: Creekside Tiles
soap and soap dish: Montana LabelleBinu Binu 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

One Room Challenge Fall 2019 ~ Week 5

Hello Wednesday and boy we are at Week 5 of One Room Challenge! What was I thinking when I signed on for the 6-week challenge to completely transform two rooms, including a handful of custom items that all takes time, not to mention the logistics and how every single item needs to play its part and be ON TIME to make it the impossible possible.  Here is a quick recap of the past few weeks:

week 1 / 2 / 3 / 4   

Today is all about the plumbing in the master ensuite and my inspiration is this absolutely stunning Spanish villa inspired bathroom I fell in love with featuring the Modulus collection from DXV at IDS Toronto back in January.  The collection has a contemporary sensibility with a refined, exquisite design that makes it an instant showstopper in any bathroom.

To echo the Modulus shower system, I have chosen the Serin wall mounted faucet from American Standard for its elegant, minimalist look. 

From inspiration to design concept, here is the game plan I shared earlier at ORC:     

Ready to see the amazing Serin faucet and Studio S bathroom accessories in my new bathroom? I can't even tell you how over the moon happy I am at this stage of the ORC to see this becoming a reality.  The silhouette of this wall mounted faucet is divine and I love the circular motif repeating on the towel ring. 

The Modoulus shower system is nothing short of spectacular! From the luxurious rain shower to the stylish hand shower set for a fully customized experience, my new shower has it all.  Best of all, this gorgeous shower system is also WaterSense certified (to converse up to 28% more water) ... every little bit counts when it comes to saving our planet!  

It's all hands on deck from here on.  Week 6 is coming right up and I can't wait to show you my brand new home office / guest bedroom and ensuite bathroom in 7 short days. Be sure to also check out the 20 Featured Designers and Guest Participants and give them some love!

discloser: bathroom faucet, shower system, and accessories are sponsored by American Standard and DXV.  all opinions are of my own.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

One Room Challenge Fall 2019 ~ Week 4

Hello Wednesday and wow it's Week 4 of One Room Challenge! It is hard to believe we only have about 10 days to get the two rooms all wrapped up and ready for photography.  The rooms are already looking night and day since we licked off the renovation 3 weeks ago, and we totally wouldn't be able to accomplish it all without our superstar contractor and millwork extraordinaire.  With a brief moment to spare, I actually had some fun with artwork and accessories!

week 1 / 2 / 3

Today is all about the custom millwork in the office / guest bedroom and the ensuite bathroom.  Remember the plans I shared in Week 2? We have made great progress this past week.  A majority of the cabinets have been installed and they look sensational!   I stopped by Bendt Kitchens &Millwork to see our cabinets in action and I was completely blown away by their skills, attention to details, and they are such a pleasure to work with (now that's new for a change)!

All the extra design elements (slat white oak panels, arched top, super long white oak desk in waterfall style, integration between floating vanity and decorative box behind the toilet) means every piece of puzzles needs to fit perfectly or else: disaster on install dayThe crew worked incredibly hard to make the impossible possible and could you imagine what I said the moment I stepped into the room on install day?

 "It feels like Christmas morning ..." 

Everything is just as I've envisioned, if not exceeded my expectation, and wow am I ever jealous this is not in my own condo in Toronto!

And just as I thought things couldn't get any better, the guys did it again with the stunner vanity and the decorative box behind the toilet to fix our problem once and for all.  Template + fabrication of countertop is next and the custom glass shower should be ready in a couple of days.  Can you feel my excitement? 

It is a little early to bring out the accessories when the rooms are still under renovation but I simply couldn't resist to try out some of the items I selected for these rooms.  A couple of my favourite new items are the beautiful artwork by Justyn Chapman via Montana labelle, the super fun "Sunday" by Alanna Cavanagh, and the amazing circle vases by Dina Syrowitz!   

Aside of the renovation, I have been busy sorting out the details of my custom drapery with Tonic Living.  I am loving all these soft cream and taupe fabrics and you just have to wait to see how I layered them in the room.  I am also having a vintage round ottoman reupholstered.  I found this super chic Kelly Wearstler fabric on Etsy and it's going to look so stunning against my graphic yet calming rug from CB2.  

That's it for Week 4.  Best of luck to us all One Room Challengers and be sure to also check out the 20 Featured Designers and Guest Participants for Week 4 progress!