Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 Fall Preview ~ HomeSense Edition (Part IV)

Hello Thursday! We have checked out the cozy yet edgy vignettes at HomeSense on Monday and today, we are going light and bright! Welcome to Part IV of Fall / Winter previerw at HomeSense.

While most of you are focusing on Halloween over the next few weeks, but if you are like me (who doesn't really decorate for Halloween), you are probably brainstorming about Christmas! My birthday is around Christmas and so I simply can't help it: the festive season / decor is my absolute favorite of the year.  This is a vision in pure white and sparkly silver with amazing items all available at HomeSense.

There are so much to see in this space, and I love how the styling team has turned a "dining room" into a fabulous hangout spot for entertaining.  Guests can help themselves with a signature cocktail, try out delicious treats, going around the room to admire all the festive touches, or simply lounging in one of three distinct sitting zones to catch up on the latest with dear friends.

Statement artwork, exquisite chrome and glass console, sexy faux fur / leather + lucite bench (can it get more glam?), and the modern classic ghost chair, what is not to love?

For a more intimate and cozy corner, here is a pair of gracious armchairs accompanied by a serene landscape painting, a large scale table lamp for ambiance and drama, and a few decorative accessories to complete the look.  I could totally see myself sitting here with a glass of champagne chatting with the best of friends.

And if you plan to start your holiday party preparation early this year, here is what you've got to look for at HomeSense in the next few weeks.  Trust me, the holiday items are hitting the stores real soon and the good ones will be sold out in no time!

These are my top picks for this holiday season:

From sparkling glam to organic & whimsy, HomeSense has got you covered for the perfect gifts and Christmas decor for the young ones or for those who are young at heart (like me)!

In case you haven't noticed, I love felt, especially for Christmas.  Garlands, ornaments, stockings, wreathes, I simply want them all.  The best part of these felt decorations is that they are totally kid-friendly and shatterproof.  Now the little ones can join in dressing up the tree and you won't be counting how many have gone to the ornament heaven.

By the way, I am also crazy about this chic red and white graphic rug!

A big part of the holiday is picking gifts and wrapping them.  Here is a brilliant craft station that can be easily closed off as a wall cabinet with chalk board when not in use! Perfect double duty genius and it can easily be converted into a neat pantry in the kitchen.

As for my top picks from this playful corner, I am totally hunting for this "Merry Christmas" garland, along with all these gorgeous felt sensations!

So now my question is: are you ready to join Santa in his workshop and jump start the holiday spirit? 

Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 Fall Preview ~ HomeSense Edition (Part III)

Hello Monday! Did you have an inspiring night at Nuit Blanche?  I checked out a few spots and my favourite has got to be the magical woodland at City Hall, especially when it was bitterly cold and windy out this weekend. 

The arrivals of Nuit Blanche and fall weather have put me into my "let's decorate for fall / winter" mode, and I am doing just that this week with lots of help and inspiration from HomeSense.  To kick start the week, we are stopping by the HomeSense showroom to check out two cozy, inviting, and chic looks.   

I love a darker palette in the cooler season and how it acts as a quiet backdrop for brighter / bolder colors and patterns for wow factors. This classic wingback receives a modern interpretation with an emphasis on its high back silhouette, charcoal grey wool upholstery with nailhead detail + ebony legs for a sophisticated, tailored look. 

To liven up the monochromatic space, the style masters at HomeSense added luxe faux fur and timeless lumberjack plaid.  Along with natural wood furnishings and wildlife images, this showroom in the urban jungle has instantly been transformed into a cozy cabin retreat. 

HomeSense is a fantastic place to find high style furnishings and rugs for less.  Check out this black leather sofa with incredible appeal and a dramatic black and white rug (8 x 10) for a sexy, edgy bachelor loft!

Here is my favorite shot of this vignette!

Bachelors are all about entertaining (well at least that's what I have been told) and this sexy kitchen is packed with gourmet essentials, trending accessories, and sleek lighting / furnishings for a cool, industrial flair.

I am crazy about these polished metal stools, and hello to super fun wall decors and I so need that metal sculpture!

A prime entertaining central needs to score A+ on both look and function.  The stainless steel shelves offer open display and practical storage for easy entertaining: everything is on display and guests can help themselves for cocktails or snacks.  The buyers at HomeSense have sourced many gourmet treats this season from spices / sauces to coffee and tea lovers must-haves.  I am absolutely stocking up at HomeSense for my next party.

Are you ready to embrace the cooler weather and give your home a new fall look?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Princess Margaret Showhome 2015 ~ Bedrooms

Hello Friday! The weekend is almost here and with the Fall weather in full swing, I am ready to stay warm and toasty indoor with a blanket next to a fireplace!  I love my little condo up in the sky but hey, I would trade it in for the incredible Princess Margaret 2015 Showhome in a heartbeat!

We have spent almost two weeks touring the showhome designed by Brian Gluckstein (I know right? So much to see).  Today, we are making our last stop at the bedrooms and a jack and jill bathroom.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
The Girl's Room is dressed in a delicate palette of pale grey with a tint of blue & soft blushy pink. 

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
The room feels open and airy thanks to the high ceiling (despite the sloped ceiling) and the window nook (amazing exterior architectural feature) creates an ideal spot for homework and makeup.  I love how the full length drapes accenturate the ceiling height and that headboard is divine!  The white linen shade fixture also reminds me of light, fluffy clouds.  

The Boy's Room is sophisticated and chic with a film festival vibe.  The architectural silhouette of the house also means sloped ceiling in this room.  To make the slopes disappear, Brian has painted the entire room grey and makes the room feels so much bigger.  The chandlier looks like a star high up in the sky, and I am crazy about the geometric pattern on the bedding!

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
Here are my favourite shots of the Boy's Room:

For the Jack and Jill bathroom, Brian strikes a fine balance between the boys and the girls with a classic yet contemporary floating vanity with double sinks (so important in the morning to get ready), and this super whimsical wallpaper that's perfect for a kid's bathroom without feeling juvenile. 

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
Beautiful sightline no matter which bedroom you look into (got to be fair to both kids):

This is my favourite shot and of course I am in it too!

Our last stop in this four bedroom home is this playful and glamourious nursery / playroom!

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
The red + white palette is so crisp and fresh, and the ceiling / wall treatment with creamy white fabric and tomato red detail is both dreamy and practical: there are shelves built-in behind the fabrics! Now we are talking and I think that's a brilliant idea to create a showstopping space with ample of storage. 

Before I wrap up our final tour, here are Brian's tips on how to use wallpaper and how to hang wall art:


Thanks Brian and Cheryl for an amazing and inspirational visit and Jordana, it was such a blast right?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Princess Margaret Showhome 2015 ~ Master Bedroom & Ensuite

Hello Tuesday! Did you get a good view of the supermoon lunar eclipse on Sunday? The sky was a bit cloudy in Toronto but I did manage to have a good look of this rare solar phenomenon that won't happen again until 2033 (the last one was in 1982).  Now we may have to wait another 18 years before the next incredible moon is up in the sky, but back down on earth, the spectacular Princess Margaret Showhome designed by Brian Gluckstein is ready for one lucky winner to call it home this fall.

We toured the main floor last week (here & here) and today, we are visiting the master bedroom & ensuite.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
Timeless classics and luxurious elegance are Brian's design signatures, and this master bedroom strikes a beautiful balance between masculine elements (angular lines and dark zebrano furnishings) and feminine touches (upholstered wall in blush, creamy white sofa, and lucite coffee table).

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
I have not yet used a delicate shade of pink in my home but I may just try it out in spring! This upholstered wall is absolutely sensational, and it also serves as a divider between the bedroom and the dressing area.  The amazing detail on the vaulted ceiling had me at hello and love how Brian turned an awkward corner into a sumptuous lounge!

Here are two of my favourite shots from the master bedroom (check out the bedding from Brian's collection).

Heading into the master ensuite and what an ulimate spa-inspired retreat with marble galore! 

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
In case you haven't noticed, I am totally crazy about marble and this veined beauty on the floor and in the shower just knocked it out of the park!  I love how Brian placed the water closet next to the vanity for this stunning sightline, and to strategically breakup the marble application to create a gallery-like vignette.

I am planning to give my Dad's bathroom a much needed makeover, and these are my notes on four important elements:

Another design detail I love is this built-in grooming station in the shower.  I bet this is every man's dream: shower & sharing all at once!

To win the votes from the ladies, Brian also commissioned a custom mural inspired by cherry blossom, wall treatment that mimics shimmery grasscloth (way more practical for bathroom than installing actual grasscloth) and really, who can say no to this beautiful freestanding tub?

These are my favorite shots of the ensuite: 

Want to learn a few extra tips on how to decorate a master suite from Brian? Check this out! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Princess Margaret Showhome 2015 ~ Family Room, Kitchen & Study

Hello Thursday! Did you enjoy touring the living and dining rooms of the Princess Margaret Showhome? I noted some tips for my next condo project on Monday, and I want to share a few more design ideas I've learned from Brian!

Today we are checking out the rest of the first floor: the family room, the kitchen, and the study.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
The family room shares the same meticulous attention to detail as the living room, but it has a completely different personality thanks to the delicious chocolate on all walls.      

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
I usually like a lighter palette and once thought brown would never make a come-back.  Well, Brian has shown me how to use this decadent shade of brown to add warmth, character, and to make a room feels "sexy".  With a feature wall outfitted by a magnificent fireplace & statement artworks, handosme furniture pieces from Brian's furniture collection, and luxurious draperies that accenturate the soaring ceiling height, there is always something to look at in this sensational room.  

One of the design tricks I picked up from this room is Brian's brilliant use of mirrors.  The full length mirrors on either side of the fireplace do not only reflect natural light from the beautiful windows, they also create depth, dimension, and when well executed, you won't even noticed these are mirrored walls!   

Do you know that there are many colors available for colored mirror? I only knew of the regular mirror or the antique finish, now I am crazy about this bronze mirror for its rich, sumptuous look. 

Brian's tip on how to give a room its soul: artworks.  If there is one thing that immediately reflects your personality and voice, it's art.  In this family room, every wall surface is graced by one of a kind master piece.  Which one speaks to you? 

Another amazing detail I adore in this room: the custom trim treatment on the ceiling.  It's not too difficult to install but what an impact it made to the 5th wall! 

Ready to check out the kitchen? I bet you do.  Surrounding by windows on three sides and a mega island with a beautiful countertop (Symphony Grey 5133 from Caesarstone) that houses everything from cooktop, dishwasher, double sink, and casual dining from 4 to 6, this kitchen is the ultimate sweet spot when entertaining.  Imagine a fun garden party in a gorgeous summer evening with these french doors open to transform this kitchen into an indoor / outdoor space. 

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
More tips from Brian on how to decorate a kitchen:

I had such a great time at #BrunchwithBrian and this recipe for the Old Fashioned by Conor Brown from her Majesty's Pleasure scored A+++.  Try it out at your next dinner party:

"In a chilled Old Fashioned glass, use one sugar cube and dilute with a drop of simple syrup and 4-5 dashes of Angostura bitters. Use 3-4 generous amounts of orange zest. Muddle together until liquid and add 1 oz of bourbon and ice. Stir for about 10-15 revolutions and then top with ice and add the other 1 oz of Bourbon. Stir again. Garnish with orange peel rimmed in glass. You can also use a maraschino cherry but make sure they are the real ones!" 

image of Old Fashioned via Gluckstein Home
Before heading upstairs to see the bedrooms, Brian has added a study by the landing area between the two floors.  It's such a creative use of space and what a lavish study dressed in classic mauro red.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes
Small in square footage but this richly colored study definitely stands out in the primarily grey and white main floor.  It also serves as a beautiful backdrop as you walk down the front hallway.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
A few things I absolutely love in the study:
  • sculptural chandelier by Avenue Lighting available at Universal Lighting 
  • classic arm chairs from ELTE Market
  • statement built-in bookcases 
  • unique brass and lucite accessories, like these candleholders for a touch from the past in this brand new showhome 

It wasn't easy to take pictures of this study (the staircase and the lighting with the big window at the back) but I did manage to capture a couple to share with you:

Ready to use of Brian's design tricks in your own home? Learn more on how to make a home look luxurious here.

Happy weekend and I will see you on Monday to check out the master bedroom & ensuite!